Last Chapter of the Daycare Diaries

Daycare Diaries - The Last ChapterWe have had a long journey with a lot of ups and downs when it comes to daycare/preschool. Here are just a couple of twists and turns. Daycare DiariesDaycare Diaries…Our Progress and Daycare diaries…Why I Pulled Her OUT. After the last post we found an amazing school that we chose to enroll her in until now…

I recently re-researched my daughters “school” and realized that once they are in the 2 1/2 year old classroom and up, its considered preschool. That would be why it was structured and a great learning experience for her. I have been very pleased with her progress over the past 6 months.

Unfortunately, we have chosen to withdraw her from preschool for the time being. My husband works for a Canadian company and is paid in Canadian currency, therefore we have been taking a hit on the exchange rate all year long. This past paycheck was at it’s all time low for exchange rate, being only .78 on the dollar. Basically, we lost 22% of his pay to the exchange rate…which to me means that we lost it to thin air. Very, very frustrating!

The decision was quick. I started adding up our next round of bills, crunching numbers and trying to figure out what we don’t “need”. She is just now almost 3 years old, so it is not a necessity that she be in school, since I do not work. We put her in school to give me a little break and to help her learn to socialize with other children her age. She has come a long way, it has definitely helped a lot in the short 6 months she has been enrolled. I told my husband my thoughts on taking her out, and how I want to do a home-schooling type education until the rates go back up. He was on board.

I wrote up her withdraw letter that night, so that I could submit it the next time we were dropping her off so as to give them two weeks notice. This actually put us at the very end of July, which works out perfect. It came before a vacation and very busy August so in turn, it works out well because she isn’t missing days we have paid for.

I talked to my daughter about how she only had four days of school left. She was part time, only going twice a week. I am not sure she comprehends fully that she will not be going back. She did tell her teacher goodbye today, and said “no more school now”. She didn’t seem sad, but I am. I feel bad that I am taking her out, but I have plans to keep her socialized and educated while not in school. I will update on all of that in a later post!

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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