Changing my Diet for my son

Changing my diet for my breastfeeding dietBreastfeeding your baby has its challenges and triumphs. It is the best weight loss program, as I lost all of my baby weight plus some within 10 days of giving birth. You never realize how many calories you are burning each time you nurse, until you can fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes! With losing so much weight just breastfeeding I never imagined I would have to go on a breastfeeding diet. But this diet is not for me, it’s for my son.

Breastfeeding is not meant for everyone, as some moms cannot produce enough milk for their little ones or their babies cannot handle the breast milk and must be fed formula. For me, Monkey did not do well when I drank caffeine or ate dairy.

After I gave birth, I could not wait for an ice cold green tea lemonade from Starbucks, as I cut out caffeine during my pregnancy. Before leaving the store, my drink was finished, as it was refreshing on a hot summer day. A few hours later, it was time to nurse Monkey. Unfortunately, after eating he was extremely fussy and gassy. After some thinking, I figured out it was the caffeine in the green tea that caused Monkey to be fussy. As a result, no more caffeine for me, this is just a shame, especially for a new mom who relies on coffee to get through the day. I now drink decaf coffee and caffeine free Diet Coke. I still need to have my Diet Coke, as it is required when I eat Chinese food and pizza.

One day for lunch, I decided to have some Yoplait yogurt, which I eat for something sweet, as I enjoy their key lime pie flavored yogurt. When Monkey awoke from his nap, it was time for him to eat. After nursing him, he spit up all over me. I just thought it was a fluke thing, until the next time after eating he spit up everywhere. I thought back what I had eaten that would cause the spit up and the culprit was the yogurt! I noticed him spitting up after I ate dairy, so like with the caffeine it was time to eliminate dairy from my diet.

I enjoy a nice bowel of cereal in the morning, so now I have almond milk with it. I also have almond milk coffee creamer for my decaf coffee. When I want something sweet, I turn to Italian ice or fruit bars.

You never realize what you eat can affect your baby, until they do not agree with whatever you are eating. I know one day again I will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bowel of ice cream, but for now I can live without it.

What are some of your favorite caffeine free and dairy free foods/drinks?

The Rookie Mom

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