4 Month Milestones – Check Up!

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe that my Monkey is 4 months old. He has grown so much in the short amount of time that he has been a part of my life. Being a mom is the most difficult, yet rewarding job I have ever had. I cannot wait to see what is in store for Monkey’s future. He has the sweetest disposition and only cries when he is hungry or needs his diaper change. Overall he is a very happy baby!

At his 4 month visit with the pediatrician, Monkey weighs 14 pounds (15%), 24 ¾ inches long (25%), and an off the charts head size. His growth has slowed down, but the pediatrician is not concerned, as he is more active nowadays. Like his 2 month appointment, he got another round of shots, which he took like a champ. It definitely helps that I nurse him immediately after receiving the shots, as it calms him down.

The pediatrician is very pleased with how well he is doing and reaching all of his milestones. She also gave us the green light to start with solid foods! We are going to start with him oatmeal cereal, then move on to vegetables and fruits. I plan on making homemade baby food, as it is cheaper and healthier, as I know exactly what food is going into my son’s mouth. Stay tuned for a post on making homemade baby food!

Due to the size of his head and the previous ventricle issue, the pediatrician wants us to see a pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins. Hearing “Johns Hopkins” immediately brought this wave of worrisome over me. The pediatrician reassured that she does not believe anything is wrong, as he is reaching all of his milestones. The 2 previous head ultrasounds were normal, but she just wants to put to rest that he simply has a big head, poor kid. God forbid if anything is wrong, we are literally at the best place in the world to receive treatment! We have an appointment on November 20 in Baltimore to get him checked out. I will continue to worry until we receive good news from the doctors.


4 month Check Up - Happy Boy

It is official; we have a roller in the house! When Monkey goes down for tummy time, within seconds he is on his back. He loves smiling, laughing and bath time. He can also sit with little support. I love watching him grow every day. Recently, he has become obsessed with Mickey Mouse, which is great considering we are headed for a weeklong vacation to Disney World in December!

I fall in love with Monkey more and more each day. I am blessed to be his mommy and look forward to watching him grow and celebrating more “firsts”.


Kay – The Rookie Mom

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