Let’s make some Baby Food

At Monkey’s 4 month appointment, we were given the green light to start solid foods. Our pediatrician suggested we start with a single grain oatmeal cereal and then move on to pureed fruits and vegetables. I immediately hit the internet to do research on baby food and wow there is a lot of information.

From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to make Monkey’s food. Not only is it healthier but, cheaper than the store bought baby food. There are several great store bought baby food brands that are all natural and organic, which is another option for those moms, who do not want to make their own baby food.

Making homemade baby food is easier than I thought and you don’t need all of those fancy gadgets that the stores sell. Stores love to push items on moms to make their life easier, but in reality, all you need is a standard blender or food processor, which you may already have in your kitchen.

Let's make some baby food - Blend it!

Once it was time to start making baby food, I turned to Pinterest for tips, advice, and recipes. For Monkey’s first taste of real food, we gave him some oatmeal, which was not a fan. However, I was not surprised he didn’t like it, have you tasted it? Yuck! We decided to move on from the oatmeal and try sweet potatoes.

I bought a sweet potato from the grocery store and came home to cook it. Once the sweet potato was fully cooked and cooled, I simply cut it up and placed it in the Magic Bullet, with some freshly expressed breastmilk, until it was the right consistency. For storing, I placed the pureed sweet potatoes in an ice cube tray, which each ice cube is approximately 1 ounce. Once the puree had frozen, I just popped them into a labeled freezer baggie.Lets make some baby food - Freeze it!

After learning how easy it was to make homemade baby food, I couldn’t resist. I have made carrots, green beans, peas, butternut squash, apples, and pears. If you cannot find fresh fruits or vegetables, frozen is the next best thing. However, stay away from canned fruits and vegetables. They have added salt and sugar, which is not good for your baby. For your baby’s first foods, there is no need to add any seasoning.

Lets make some baby food - Store it!

When introducing a new food to your baby, make sure you do it over a period of 4-5 days. You need to look for any food allergies.  These can be a rash, vomiting or diarrhea.  If your baby has any of these symptoms, it is always best to call your pediatrician.

Monkey loves eating solid foods. He will even grab the spoon out of my hand to feed himself, which most of the time does not land in his mouth. I don’t know who gets more food, Monkey’s belly or his face. Don’t worry about the mess, babies are supposed to get messy when eating solid foods.

If you have any questions as to which foods to introduce to your baby, when and how, please contact your pediatrician.

What are some of your baby’s favorite foods?

Kay – The Rookie Mom

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  1. solid foods my baby also like it, I did not know how to make solid foods, after reading this article I learned it, for that thanks.

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