Monkey goes Disney

My husband and I are Disney Vacation Club members and travel to Disney World at least once a year. We always said that we would never be those parents who take a baby to Disney. Well, we became one of those parents, who took Monkey to Disney for a weeklong vacation, which was planned long before we knew about Monkey.

During our vacation, we stayed in a one bedroom room at the Villas at the Grand Floridian. Having a one bedroom was a blessing, as it has a full kitchen, in addition to a washer and dryer, which we used several times during our stay. I know that traveling with a baby is not easy, as there are so many things that they need. I decided to talk to Disney moms, who provided some helpful tips on traveling to Disney with a baby.

Each of the four parks at Disney World has a Baby Care Center, which allows you to care for your baby. The Baby Care Centers have private nursing rooms, in addition to an area to change your baby or even play. They have food, formula, diapers, etc. for purchase, in addition to offering a high chair to feed your baby. It also allowed me to privately nurse Monkey and just get away from the heat and the crowds.Monkey goes Disney - Great family trip

Magic Kingdom’s Baby Care Center nursing room has 3 cloth recliners, in addition to 2 wooden chairs. In my opinion, Epcot has the best Baby Care Center, as it is the largest and offers more items to be purchased, but the wooden rocking chairs were not comfortable. Hollywood Studios only has 2 small private nursing rooms, so if they are both booked, you need to wait, which is never fun when dealing with a hungry baby.

Before this Disney trip, I never publicly nursed Monkey, as I was just not comfortable. Not to mention he hated the nursing cover, as he would get too hot. Unfortunately, there were times where we could not make it to the Baby Care Center, so I found a quiet spot to nurse Monkey and did not once feel uncomfortable. Everyone is too busy trying to get from point A to B, that no one even noticed I was nursing. I felt like a super mama!

Monkey goes Disney - Meeting the mouse

Monkey was able to go on any ride that does not have a requirement, which is surprisingly a lot. We also scheduled to meet a lot of characters, as he is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. At first, we didn’t know how he would do with the characters, but he absolutely loved them. Seeing my son smile and laugh with the characters was truly the highlight of the trip.

During our Disney trip, Monkey had his first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop. They offer a “first haircut” package, which includes a pair of ears, certificate, and a keepsake of the hair. The package was only $25 and well worth every penny. We had a PhotoPass photographer at the barber shop, who captured some amazing photos.Monkey goes Disney - Babies first hair cutFollow your baby’s cues! If your little one is tired, head back to the resort for a nap or just to regroup. If you are staying on property, check out the pool and enjoy your vacation. Traveling to Disney with a baby is a completely different experience, but I love seeing Disney through my son’s eyes.

Kay – The Rookie Mom

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