Telling your Husband your Pregnant

Here is how I gave the amazing news to mine…
You have been trying so hard to get pregnant. You have had sad moments, happy moments and tense “Will this ever work” moments. Then it happen, you pee on that magical stick and the pregnancy test turns positive! The best best moment of your life! You jump up and down, do a little dance, or at least I did, say a prayer that everything will turn out okay, and get ready to tell your hubby.

The first time we were pregnant we had been going through IVF treatments. I was a little bit sad at the thought that I would not be the one to tell him we were pregnant, the doctor would. We would go into our doctors office and he would sit us down and say those magic words. I tried to convince myself that was okay because we were finding out together, but it always bothered me a little bit.

When I found out alone with our first daughter, I was trembling and thought he would be able to read it all over me the second he saw me. I rushed to Target and picked out a gender neutral sleep set with little yellow giraffes, a hat and a blank card, I wrote, “Congratulations, you’re going to be a daddy!” I will never ever forget the moment he opened it. We were standing in our kitchen and it took him a minute. He opened it and read it at least 4 times, once out loud. He thought I was joking, then he looked at me. Then he saw that I was beaming and tears were welling in my eyes and he knew I was serious. He threw the bag and card down and swept me up in the biggest hug. It was perfect.

The second time I knew for sure for about 3 hours before telling my husband. Those must have been the longest three hours of my life. I actually suspected for about 4 days before that but I did not dare say anything because when you have been trying for 2ish years your mind plays tricks and because of the miscarriage we had about 10 months earlier. I wanted to see my doc first and once I got the go-ahead from him I started to burst with the news.

While we were trying to get pregnant I scoured Pinterest to find ways to announce. A ton of them were SO cute. I am not going to share any because I think what makes an announcement special is when you tailor it to your relationship, not what Pinterest dictates, although I love me some Pinterest!

I think what makes an announcement special is when you tailor it to your relationship, not what… Click To Tweet

I had this awesome plan, and when I say awesome I mean SO awesome! I wanted to take a video of my daughter and I and put it to a song, (the song 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T’s). We would hold up signs and one of the last ones would say, “We are Pregnant”. If you have never heard the song check it out it’s great. Anyway I happened to hear the news on our 11 year anniversary. We had a big dinner at a restaurant we had been dying to try planned. My mom was going to watch our daughter, it was going to be a very special night…and I was the most distracted woman on the planet.

Despite the fact that he would have looked sideways at me if I did not order a drink with dinner. (This place is known for their speciality cocktails, of course) We get there and it is VERY romantic. There were lights in the trees and music playing softly in the background. I thought why not just tell him here. I knew there was no way I was going to make it through the entire dinner.

So we sat down and I tried my very best to relax and hang in there until just the right time. He knew something was up. He asked about 20 questions before I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

I said to him, “I am just distracted because you know how we decided not to get gifts for each other for our anniversary?”

“Yes, you really were not supposed to babe!” He said.

“I know and I didn’t, not really.”

“Ookkaayy” Total look of confusion on his end.

“No, I got a call this afternoon, remember how I said I needed to run an errand today that could not wait, and I left for like two hours. (He nodded) Well, I went to the doctor.”

Now he is just looking concerned. I am sure he could see me physically shaking, “Which doctor?” He tentatively asks.

“Dr. H, I got by blood drawn to confirm what I have been wondering for a couple days, ” I said, hoping he would get it!

“Annnnnd….” smile starting to creep across his face.

I just shrugged my shoulders, nodded and after I caught my breath a little bit said, “We are pregnant!”

Total relief, excitement, nervousness, shock, every imaginable reaction washed over him. I told him about how I had been feeling and how I had my suspicions but did not want to say anything. We both immediately agreed to not share the news until we were at least 10 weeks with our families and 12-14 weeks with the rest of the world. We needed to make sure we were as much out of harms way as possible before opening ourselves to those emotions again.

In the end is it how I would have liked to have told him, probably not. I am a big gestures kind of girl, but in that moment, on that night it was perfect for us.

How did you or would you announce it to your husband? If you have a link share it below!


Kristin, The Perfectionist Mom

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  1. It’s always fun finding creative ways to tell our hubby’s! With our first I made a little goodie bag with clues…. he totally didn’t get it and just thanked me and continued on with what he was doing! Ha! I was so mad! The other two he knew before me! He said my temperament changes before the pregnancy test knows 😉

  2. This is such a sweet story. What a wonderful gift to give your husband. <3
    Shelah recently posted…Recycled Shapes ArtMy Profile

  3. I totally do not have a good story like you do! lol I remember telling my husband after trying for a year and I think he didn’t believe me! It took a minute for it to sink in for him. Your story is much cuter!

  4. Love this post. My hubby was with me both times I found out, no cute stories here of telling him.
    Kimberly Cox recently posted…My Bipolar Mommy LifeMy Profile

  5. I love that you made it special for you! No reason to do something crazy for everyone else.

  6. Awe. I love these stories! Our first was unexpected, so I just told him not to freak out, and we both just kinda stared at each other for a while. The second was planned, but twins were unexpected. To say he was in shock was an understatement.

  7. What a sweet announcement. I told my husband on Valentine’s Day 2012. I handed him the pee sick and said “We made a baby!”
    Stephanie recently posted…Target Dollar Spot: Valentine EditionMy Profile

  8. My husband and I are huge fans of Scrabble. So, when it came time to tell him we were expecting our first child, I couldn’t think of a better way to share the news than to spell it out while playing our favorite board game. My husband was ecstatic!
    Chupacabra recently posted…SUBJ1My husband and I are huge fans of Scrabble. So, when it came time to tell him we were expecting our first child, I couldn’t think of a better way to share the news than to spell it out while playing our favorite board game. My husband was ecstatic!
    My Profile

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