Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts Cake

My Valentine’s Day project from last year! This year has been all store bought Valentine’s day cards so not as much fun. I thought you might like a glance at this beauty!!!

Do you ever have thousands of those candy hearts just lying around? I know we always do before and after Valentine’s day. Here is one cute idea you can use to put those hearts to good use. It is something that I decided to do this year for my nieces birthday, she is turning 5, which is right before Valentine’s Day. It is cute but I will share some of the downsides as well, really there is only one…or two.Sweet IngredientsYou want to gather your materials.

  • Cake
  • Frosting
  • Candy Hearts

Super simple. I used a scratch Funfetti cake which worked perfectly, colored on the inside and out!

Because you are adding basically tons of sugar onto the outside of your cake try and keep the frosting simple. I used vanilla buttercream. You need a good stiff icing because these hearts are heavy.

Candy Hearts OrganizedNext, if you want a pattern lay your hearts out in separate bowls it cuts the time in half of searching for a specific color. It also cuts down on the chance to put the wrong color up accidentally.

Candy Hearts Starting off Row 1Make tight layers of hearts surrounding your cake. Starting at the bottom is what I would recommend. It is the largest circumference and gives you a good base for the rows ahead. If you are not a neat freak like me and don’t care about patterns or perfection then go wild and have a great time with it. I made little heart cupcakes to accompany the cake and let my one-year-old daughter help me decorate those! So much fun!

Candy Heart Cake - Working with MommyOnce you hit the top of the cake you have two choices, you can continue the hearts onto the top OR you can stop and just have the sides. We had writing which needed to go on top so I stopped at the sides.

Layering for Pretty PatternYou can use the bigger version of these hearts and it would take less time but I think this is magical. She loved it and I loved the way it turned out!

Oh yeah, that pesky downside…well, it is SUPER tough to cut. It is literally impossible to get a picture perfect slice of this cake, the hearts fall off due to the friction of the knife. That and no one ate all of the hearts. It is more for the visual love of it allFinal Candy Heart Cake, Happy Valentines DayHave you ever tried something like this? What candy have you ever put on a cake??

Have a Sweet Day,

Kristin, The Perfectionist Mom

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  1. This looks so cute and fun. A great activity to let the kids have some fun with. Thank you for linking up at pin worthy Wednesday, this has been pinned.
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