5 ways my Two year old is already like a Teenager

Since my beautiful daughter will be turning 3 in a matter of minutes I wanted to share one of my favorite posts from her second year. Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back Buggie!!!I have been in full birthday party planning mode here with my Buggy turning two in just 5 short weeks. When times like this happen I start thinking about how my baby girl is about to be two and I feel like time is moving so fast. There is no way to make it stop, not even a way to slow it down, so I have been taking a lot of photos and soaking her up the best I can.

As I have been looking through these photos it hit me like a ton of bricks. She is growing up at light speed and she is acting a lot like a teenager.

Everyone tells me that she is SO good right now and she is, but then they say just wait until she’s a teenager.

Well folks I may already have one well on her way! Here is 5 ways my two year old is already like a teenager 😉

1. Her hugs have already reached that awkward stage:Like Teenagers Bad Buggy Hugs2. There are days I can barely get her out of bed:

Like Teenagers Buggy Wont Get Up3. She is already dying to leave home (That’s right folks she is trying to mail herself to Nana):

Like Teenagers Can't Wait to leave home4.  She demands PRIVACY (though to be fair sometimes I have to give her this one):

Like Teenagers Buggy Needing PrivacyLast but not least…5. Four words “I-Can’t-Hear-You!”

Like Teenagers I can't hear you!What do you think how do your kids show their grown up side too quickly? Can two year olds act like teenagers?


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom


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  1. Hahaha but she’s just SOOOO cute!!!!!
    Whitney recently posted…Tell Me About Your Town: Blogger DateMy Profile

    1. LOL thank you! She is and she knows it for sure. I was trying to think about what was actually going on when I took a bunch of these photos and she was giggling through most of them she is such a ham!

  2. This is cute and she is adorable. Love the pictures! It is amazing how grown up our tiny people can act sometimes. Hard to believe how fast it happens! Happy almost birthday to your tiny teenager
    Rachael Boley recently posted…To The Single Mom Facing Her First Visitation: You’ll Be OkayMy Profile

  3. I always say my 2 year old is going on 13. With the drama and crying and screaming…ahhhh…I can only hope 13 is better! At least at 13 I can say that I am just going to my own room with a glass….no bottle…of wine and she can come talk when she’s through with her fit!

  4. Your daughter is SO adorable. I love that she tried to mail herself to your mother. Toddlers are just the funniest.
    Tricia recently posted…12 Toddler Winter Activities to Try When it’s just Too ColdMy Profile

  5. It is so funny, but my “threenager” constantly asks me, “Mommy can you hear me?” when he wants something and tells me that he can’t hear me whenever I tell him something Sigh.
    Amanda recently posted…The Water Park Capital of THE WORLDMy Profile

  6. So adorable, but just you wait. Two was nothing. I had a full scale threenager with a side of toddleryant. And now she has shades of DIVA at almost 5. But if I could, I’d do it all over again.
    Jennifer DeFrates recently posted…Its Own Way: Having 1Cor. 13 Love in my marriageMy Profile

  7. Anonymous

    So cute! Mine turns 3 today and already has some teenage tricks up her sleeve…for example, telling me “Don’t sing mommy” when I’m singing along to the radio. Really enjoyed your post 🙂

  8. So cute! My daughter turns 3 today and already acting like a teenage when she tells me not to sing along to the radio! Enjoyed your post!

  9. I don’t have kids myself, but I was a teacher some 6.5 years (my longest profession so far) and I notice how kids are more mature these days. It is cute, but I also makes me wonder where they are heading to.
    BTW, your girl is the cutest! 🙂
    Debbie Rodrigues recently posted…Wellness Wednesday: Superfood LoveMy Profile

  10. Oh, my goodness! That is absolutely adorable! You should put this into some sort of scrapbook or create one of those photo books on Shutterfly (or similar) to give her on graduation day. 🙂
    Melissa K. McCarthy recently posted…I Love My Mom Because…My Profile

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