The Teething Baby

Dealing with a teething baby is never easy. Over the last couple of months, I have learned what teething remedies work for Monkey. I feel so helpless watching my little boy in pain, as there is only so much I can do as his mommy.

A baby’s first tooth will be at the bottom, as they will get 2 bottom teeth then, then move on to the 2 top teeth. When Monkey got his first set of teeth, I had no idea that he was even teething until one day he bit me while nursing. Ouch those little teeth or as I like to call the daggers hurt! He was never in pain and looking back I noticed that he was taking more naps during the day and being very clingy, but nothing to raise suspicion, etc.

I had purchased several different teething rings and toys. I have heard many great things about the infamous Sophie The Giraffe, but I could just not come to grips of spending $25 on a teething toy! However, after finding a coupon I broke down and bought Sophie. Fast forward a few months and Sophie is our go to teething toy for Monkey. Another teething toy with is a favorite is the Baby Banana. My brother actually purchased this for Monkey, as a stocking stuffer. He bought it because it was simply a banana, so it was perfect for our Monkey. However, we were quick to find out that the banana was Monkey’s favorite teething toy. It is not only a teether but, a toothbrush as well. I highly recommend buying the Baby Banana for your teething baby.

The Teething Baby - Best Teething toys for usJust recently Monkey started to get his 2 top teeth in. This round of teething is completely different from the first, as he is more miserable. He is very fussy, constantly having Sophie or Baby Banana, in addition to eating nonstop! I hate to give Monkey medicine, unless necessary. With him being in pain, I could not see him suffer anymore, so I decided to give him some infant ibuprofen. The ibuprofen works better than Tylenol, as it lasts longer.

I don’t know whether teething is more difficult for the parents or the baby. Every baby is different and will react differently to teething. What worked for Monkey might not work for your child. During the teething process, be sure to give your little one extra cuddles and kisses, because it is not easy on them…or us. The Teething Baby - So miserableWhat are some of your favorite teething remedies?

Kay – The Rookie Mom

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  1. Anonymous

    Another awesome blog sweetie! You are a wonderful mommy and little monkey boy is lucky to have you! Your brother (Uncle Michael) is so proud that HE bought his nephew his favorite teething toy!
    See you in a few hours! Love you!


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