Feeling Beautiful during Pregnancy

Between the weight gain, ever expanding belly, feet, face and all of those lovely hormones that make me feel like a high school kid again pregnancy is not always the most glamours time in a woman’s life. It is tough to get comfortable, tough to work out, tough to sleep. With all of that said, how do you keep feeling beautiful during pregnancy?

Treat yourself better – It will be hard, especially if this is not your first pregnancy and you are chasing a second child but you need to treat yourself well. I am talking about doing the little extra things that make you feel great. Keep up on haircuts, use the extra lotions for that expanding belly, buy those cute maternity jeans and sandals, (because heels HA), take those longer showers and basically be kind to yourself while you are building this little human.

Maintain yourself – Whether it is getting your hair done, your nails done or getting that facial, as long as your doc says its safe go for it! The bigger your belly gets the more you will want these little luxuries. It is not advised to get your hair colored in the first trimester so you might want to skip that. However, a great cut can do the same amount of good. If you are worried about formaldehyde in your nail polish, go out there and get the eco-friendly kinds like Zoya. Whatever makes you feel beautiful there is a pregnancy friendly way to do it.

Exercise – The last thing most women feel like doing when they are pregnant is working out. My pregnancies were very different in this regard. During my first, one I worked out when I could. I did prenatal yoga and really stayed pretty consistent until my third trimester, after that I was pretty much done. During my second pregnancy, I was SO sick during the first trimester and could not really do anything besides take care of our two-year-old. That was enough of a workout in itself. That kind of set the tone for the whole pregnancy and really wished I had forced myself to work out once I was feeling better. Working out helps you maintain muscle tone and gives you those much needed endorphins when you are feeling blue.

Eating Healthy – “I am eating for two” That is what so many women say and how they eat. If you have read any pregnancy books or websites you know that is not true. Now I am not saying you have to eat the cleanest diet in the world, by all means, you are growing a human! If you want to eat dessert eat it just try and maintain a relatively healthy diet. You baby and your post-baby body will thank you. It is much easier to lose the weight when you only add the baby and not 30 extra pounds of McDonalds.

Massage – Prenatal massage is not only very healthy for the mama and baby but it helps you feel beautiful. When you pamper yourself you always feel better. When you are pregnant and hormonal you need the extra attention. It will make you feel more like yourself even with the watermelon in your belly.

Maintain your style – Maternity clothes are expensive! They are ridiculously expensive, especially when you figure you will only be wearing them for like 9-12 months. When you are working or even if you are a SAHM you still need to maintain your sense of self. If you like wearing jeans get some that really fit. Invest in some great maternity dresses. I personally lived in maternity tank tops from Old Navy. I had them in every color. Living in Florida that was pretty much my go-to option. If you cannot afford the nicer expensive clothes get a lot of the cheaper ones. Ross, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Kohls (online) and Target all have great options for the mama to be on a budget. If you need a great dress for the holiday’s rent it! And there is always Stitch Fix for those who can afford the little extra spoiling.

Dress Up AND Go Out – Let’s assume that you were able to find some super cute maternity clothes that make you feel amazing. You are rocking that bump whether you like it or not. Don’t let it stop you from having a great time. GO OUT! Get out there with your significant other, if this is your first, these are precious moments that will soon be gone. If it’s your second, third or every fourth you know how precious child-free time is, find a babysitter and get your date night on!

Pregnancy is one of the few times in my life where I have felt sort of pretty. I love the fact that once you are past, say, 4th-month people can tell you are pregnant and it is not just extra weight. I mean you are literally growing a human being and that is incredible. There is no reason to ever feel like you are not the most beautiful and strong woman in the world, but you will. Hopefully, this list will help make those days fewer and farther in between.


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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  1. I totally remember how embarrassed I felt during my 4th and 5th month of pregnancy. I felt really fat and ugly and like you said, nobody can tell that you are pregnant. Once I hit my 6th month, the bump really started to show and then I was proud to wear my maternity clothes. I also was treated really well by total strangers. That was a surprise to me as well!
    Melanie Frost recently posted…Pee Proof Underwear for WomenMy Profile

    1. I am sure you looked beautiful, but I hear you. Those months can really suck. Isn’t it crazy how people suddenly are the nicest in the world once they realize you are pregnant!

  2. great tips! it can be really hard to feel beautiful during pregnancy, especially the later stages when you get frustrated and the “glow” sort of goes, all worth it in the end though :p
    Charlotte recently posted…20 Spooktacular and Free Halloween PrintablesMy Profile

  3. These are wonderful tips! Dressing up, even during pregnancy, always helped me feel better. I do agree that maternity clothing is expensive. This is why I always wore non-maternity clothing since it was much cheaper. 🙂
    HilLesha recently posted…Have a Very Vintage HalloweenMy Profile

    1. Oh, I did too. My dresses became a staple as opposed to a sometimes wear during pregnancy. I stretched out my normal jeans as far as they would go! I got so big though by my 6th month that nothing worked anymore. Great idea.

  4. Debra

    These are really great tips. Pregnancy is really difficult for me. Really Difficult, it is definitely hard to feel pretty when I am pregnant!

  5. This is such good information for moms to be. And an important lesson for them too! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. I liked reading about your tips and I am so in agreement about looking and feeling good. The massage was great advice and I liked your tips about clothing!
    Terri Steffes recently posted…Boo! Corn #PopcornBoxParty2016My Profile

  7. It’s hard to remember to take care of ourselves. We are often focused on making sure baby is doing good. Great advice. I loved massages when I was pregnant.

  8. Kim

    I love that you say to go out! I am 34 weeks pregnant and feeling exhausted. It would help me out if I had a date night.

    1. Oh you are almost there! Yes, getting dressed up and forcing yourself out of the house always made me feel better. It is a way to snap yourself out of the pregnancy rut and get your mind off of, “When will this baby get here?!?”

  9. This is fantastic. I loved loved being pregnant, and I think a huge part of that was that I forced myself to continue going to yoga once the morning sickness was over.
    Stephanie recently posted…Carrot Zucchini Bread RecipeMy Profile

  10. I loved this post! I feel like during pregnancy was the time I definitely did more to feel better! Now after baby i just feel like I have to work extra hard to feel better!

    1. I agree totally! I guess I need to write a follow-up piece on what to do to make yourself feel better after baby. It is actually harder in my opinion LOL.

  11. Jeanine

    I just had baby #7 in August, and the only time I felt well during my pregnancy was when I discovered Maxi Dresses. Lol, after that no matter what I did I felt wonderful!

    1. Maxi dresses are a MUST in pregnancy! They are an essential. I lived in those in my third trimester both times!

  12. Yes so important to get out and dress up and have a date night!! I made sure to exercise while pregnant even if it was only for 15mins you feel like you’ve accomplished something great.
    Lisa recently posted…PLAID SHIRT AND DENIMMy Profile

  13. I am so not looking forward to pregnancy but these are great tips to help you feel your best while you’re growing a human! Good luck to all you pregnant mama’s out there!
    Taylor Mobley recently posted…8 Ways To Decorate With PumpkinsMy Profile

    1. I actually really liked being pregnant both times, I really thought I wouldn’t like it. It really helps when you do those extra little things for yourself.

  14. That’s something I’m so nervous about when I become pregnant. I don’t want to use the excuse that “I’m eating for two” and regret it.

    1. As long as you are aware of it and think about everything that is going into your mouth you won’t. Have faith in yourself. Besides a little bit of eating what you want is not bad. Cravings are real girl!

  15. At one point, you’ll eventually not care about your style and all you want is to wait for the baby to come out. But that won’t make you feel better, you really have to make sure that you look after yourself too. These are great tips!
    Amanda Love recently posted…Drink More Water!My Profile

  16. It’s amazing what a good nail polish will do for your confidence and mood. Trust me, I know. Regardless if you’re pregnant or not, it totally works!

    1. RIGHT!! I love a good nail polish and it’s a bonus when it’s non-toxic!

  17. While I don’t think that I agree, based upon what I looked like when I was pregnant, but I have heard it said that pregnant women are more beautiful than ever. Like I said, I don’t agree totally, but maybe there is something to it.
    Dawn McAlexander recently posted…Healthy Bone Building Habits For World Osteoporosis Day #sponsored #LoveYourBonesMy Profile

    1. That is why you need to do these little tricks to make yourself feel beautiful when you are definitely not feeling pretty. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Michael

    Cannot even begin to emphazie how important nails are…

  19. Awww, this is great to remember for all of my friends with families. It is a great idea to put together a pamper basket or take them out shopping for a splurge!
    Thank you for posting this.
    Nicole @AlwaysReiding recently posted…It’s Monday, What are you reading?My Profile

    1. I love both of those ideas! Everyone tends to buy stuff for the baby, because of COURSE you should, but mommy need extra TLC around this time too. Thank you for stopping by.

    2. I love both of those ideas! Everyone tends to buy stuff for the baby, because of COURSE you should, but mommy needs extra TLC around this time too. Thank you for stopping by.

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