Benefits of Cooking with a Cast Iron Skillet:

I am pretty sure every household growing up had that go-to skillet. In my house, it was always the skillet used to fry, was ridiculously heavy and we were never allowed to wash it with soap (boo, hiss). I know now the importance of that little (rather big and heavy) gadget.

My list of Benefits for Cast Iron Skillets:

Benefit #1: Cooking without toxic coating is so important. Most cookware has an aluminum coating. Aluminum coating on pots and pans has links to health issues, specifically Alzheimer’s disease. It wears well and lasts a lifetime. It is also inexpensive, especially considering the life you get out of the product.

Benefit #2: You can cook on the stove and in the oven. Cast iron is versatile and easy clean up.

Benefit #3: Cast iron, when seasoned properly, adds depth in the flavor of your food. Seasoning is the process of caring for the skillet. Since it is made of iron, it has to be washed in water (without harsh detergent), oiled and baked. It sounds “different” and something to get used to, but it’s an extremely convenient process.

Benefit #4: The health benefits of using cast iron are AMAZING! Not only does it provide an added level of flavor, it naturally provides iron . a vital nutrient for the human body, within the process of cooking anything and everything in the cast iron skillet/pan/griddle or dutch oven.

Benefit #5: You can cook ANYTHING in cast iron. I use it for everything, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and baking. Yes, baking! I have personally cooked everything from curried chicken, steak, eggs, bacon and sausage, vegetables and most recently chicken marsala.

There are a number of reasons I love my cast iron skillet. I love the idea that not only is it a forever product (no, seriously it is…), it provides health benefits and is my most valued cooking tool I own (my bamboo spoons run a close second). It’s something worth a try. I have family members that have owned cast iron pieces for DECADES…. Who can argue with that?


Jenn – The Naturalist Mom

Originally published September 16, 2014

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  1. Phil

    I just finished rereading all of your posts for the umpteenth time. I found so many gems that I started a cut n paste document “Gems from (your name here)”. Keep sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for your helpful shearing post!

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