Happy Birthday List

Happy Birthday to me. That’s right, Friday was my birthday. Everyone has been asking what I would like. The answer is, well, nothing really. Of course every girl loves presents, but I want different stuff now that I am in my early EARLY 30’s. Stuff that I should be buying myself. so I saved this post for today 🙂

Whose with me on these awesome gifts for yourself!

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New Fridge – Hear me out. When you get your own home, where you have to afford all of the appliances they become more exciting than most things. This is the coolest fridge I have found. I liken myself to an amateur chef and this would be the crowning jewel in my kitchen!

Pandora Sterling Silver Pave Heart Clasp Bracelet, – I used to think these bracelets were kind of ehh. Now, I look at them and all of the amazing charms they sell now and I LOVE them. I would love to be able to get a new charm for holidays and such. These are beautiful.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate– I became slightly obsessed with my Fitbit when I was pregnant. I thought it was so cool to count the steps, see the calories burned and such. I really liked it. My first fitbit is awesome but who wouldn’t love an upgrade every now and then.

HHN Tickets – When we were in college, my best friend and I always went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Growing up we were horror movie junkies and loved getting the crap scared out of ourselves every year. Well, slowly the tickets got more expensive and our lives started to cost more, kids, homes, cars, etc. We got responsible…booo! We have been talking about going back for the last 2-3 years and we would love to go this year. Next year is our 20th anniversary of friendship so if it doesn’t happen this year I am thinking it might be in the cards then.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR and Accessory Bundle – When I go to all of these amazing blogs and see these beautiful photos I simply think, “Huh, no way an iPhone took that photo.” I have always loved photography. It has been a passion of mine since high school but never really invested in it. I always bought the small, easily carried cameras but never invested in a great one. That and my husband always ended up stealing them so I stopped asking for new ones. Now, his job has changed and I am ramping up my blogging game so I need one. This Canon is awesome and something I would love beyond words.

Fossil Women’s Stella Rose Gold Watch – Having itty bitty kids makes wearing jewelry tough. They either try to grab it and could swallow it or they put metal in their mouths. The other thought is that it could scratch or hurt them in some way. Basically you stop wearing it till they are older. There is one thing that I do love when it comes to jewelry and that is watches. I haven’t had a very nice one in a couple years. Again with kids and being active and moving so much they get damaged and that’s it folks. I finally found a brand that is well priced, tough and still beautiful. These fossil watches are some of my favs. I love rose gold so that is just stunning and I always like leather bands and this beige band is really pretty and would go with everything!

This would be my wish list. What would be on yours???


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom


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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you had an incredible day and got to celebrate in style! Love your wish list, especially the rose gold watch!
    karen recently posted…Personal Fashion Shopping for Women with Front Door FashionMy Profile

    1. Thank you! It was a wonderful day. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Great list! I have the Canon Rebel T5 with some awesome lenses and I love it. I turned 40 this year and I wanted a trip, a spa day and a great dinner with a bad ass cake. I’m kind of obsessed with cake LOL.

    1. Oh I hear ya with the cake!!! I make custom cakes and so have a slight obsession myself! I got two this year both made by my 3 year old so bad ass no, but very sweet lol.

  3. Kim

    Confession: my husband got me a Pandora bracelet for a birthday. But he bought me all 14 charms I wanted. It took the fun out of it.

    1. Oh no, that would take some of the fun out of it, but it seems like it was a very sweet gesture. 🙂 Well, maybe they will come out with more charms and you will have to get a second one lol

  4. Hey I am also 30 something and I think this is a great list! I will be forwarding it to the husband ASAP!

    1. Perfect! Mine hopefully took note 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! I am loving your birthday wish list! I need a new fitbit as mine broke and it was a replacement already so yeah lol.. I also want a camera upgrade from my 7D but that wouldn’t be happening as the money I would have used it when to college books for my oldest son! Happy Birthday you!!
    Ellie Augustin recently posted…Chasing My October Goals With Hard WorkMy Profile

    1. I feel like for workout equipment Fitbits should be slightly more durable. Mine started acting funny after sweating a couple of times wearing it while working out. My husband insists I got it too wet but hello your supposed to sweat when you work out. I feel ya with the camera. I would love to update but no such luck, too many other things on the list first. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. I have a Pandora bracelet that is just for Christmas! I have had fun collecting charms for it over the years. I love wearing it all through December!
    Terri Steffes recently posted…Simple Herbed Butter #TasteCreationsMy Profile

    1. That is such a great idea! I love having fun jewelry for the holidays. My best friend has one that is full of Disney charms and she wears it when they go. I am starting to love them. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to get one in the next couple years! Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Debra

    Okay so so many of those things are on my wish list too! Especially on the fridge I love the freezer on the bottom! I can’t wait to own one one day!

    1. We eneded up getting one because ours died the day after my birthday! It is pretty amazing. I hope you get one soon 🙂

  8. My husband just bought me a brand new camera. I LOVE IT. It will totally up your instagram/blogging game. It definitely did for me. Good luck girl!

    1. I cannot wait to get one. I need to up both of those games, photographically speaking lol. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Mine would pretty much be the same. Those watches are gorgeous and I love the Pandora charm bracelet.
    MyTeenGuide recently posted…All The Best The Accountant Movie Trivia And Quotes That Are Borderline GeniusMy Profile

  10. Jena Proctor

    Happy belated birthday! Mine is the 12th. You wish list is way better than mine! I want a new diffuser and oils for my birthday. I need to improve that list since it’s my big 30!

    1. Yes you do! The Big 30 is an event! Although a new diffuser and oils are never a bad gift.

  11. Isn’t it funny how when we grow up and have kids our wish lists change? You would’ve never asked for a new fridge before I bet! I asked for pots and pans last year! Who does that?!?! A mom…
    Christine – The Choosy Mommy recently posted…Car Seat Safety: Get it Right!My Profile

    1. Yes, exactly!! I asked for pots and pans last year and actually got some! It’s totally a mom thing LOL

  12. That rose gold watch – I definitely need that! I am obsessed with rose gold right now. I blame Erin Condren for putting out a rose gold coil for her life planners, now I need everything rose gold 🙂
    Heather recently posted…{31 Days} When there is no Chance of a Good Morning RoutineMy Profile

    1. The watches are too beautiful! I blame Erin Condren too! That is when my obsession started LOL

  13. I would love some of these things for my birthday that is coming up in December too. I think that the first thing on my wishlist would be a new stainless steel refrigerator.

    1. It is all about the fridge right now. We actually got this one because our fridge decided to die on my birthday so Happy Forced bday to me 🙂 I hope you get yours too.

  14. Happy birthday! I hope you had an amazing day! New cameras are great. I’m wanting an upgrade to a full-frame soon but having a nice camera is so much better than an iPhone!
    Teresa | Simply Made Fun recently posted…How to Make A Spooky Halloween FrameMy Profile

    1. I have been doing all of my photos with my iPhone since starting the blog. I cannot wait to up my game. Thank you for stopping by!

  15. I was just writing down my Christmas list for my family today and I need to add a Fitbit to it. I think it will help me be active every day.
    Carolyn recently posted…Update Your Home with Oil Rubbed Bronze Door KnobsMy Profile

  16. Oooh a new camera is always on my list! Although this year I’m dying for a new lens and more camera gear. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing!

    1. New cameras are always the best! Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Dana Vento

    I love your birthday wish-list. That fridge is my favorite so I can cook more food for my family.

  18. My birthday is about 6 months away, but I always love making out wish lists. I do photography, so I want to upgrade my camera to a Nikon D610 or D810!!

  19. Anonymous

    Aw happy birthday for Friday! You have some gorgeous options including the super sleek fitbit and I love the lovely watches as well xx

  20. Oh great birthday wish list! I hope that it was the happiest yet!

    1. Thank you! It was great.
      MOMentous Moms recently posted…Feeling Beautiful during PregnancyMy Profile

  21. angelacampos51@yahoo.com

    Happy Birthday! What a fun list of gift ideas 🙂 Gee, I would like a new bike and a hot tub…oh yea…a million dollars too 😉 Have a wonderful year ahead!!

    1. I feel ya! The million would fit nicely onto the wish list. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. That looks like a great list. Let me tell you, that rose colored watch really caught my eye!
    Amber Nelson recently posted…Brilliant Hacks for Organizing Your ClosetsMy Profile

  23. I love the Fossil watch. I got it as a gift for my birthday last year. It sure looks classy. BTW, i like most of the stuff on your wishlist 🙂

  24. Koninika

    Very happy birthday! What a way to celebrate and treat yourself! Being a 30 something myself, I totally endorse the idea and the style!

  25. Koninika

    Very happy birthday! Such style and vigor in celebrating the 30s! I admire the enthusiasm and energy that I hear in your post! Love the watches, so glamorous!

  26. Reesa Lewandowski

    I could definitely use a new fridge. That would be on my list too if I were you! Perfect.

  27. Robin Rue

    That camera looks amazing! I could definitely use a new one of those for sure.

  28. That’s odd. I have no idea what would be on my birthday wish list. My list is usually long.
    jill conyers recently posted…How Do You Know If You Need a Self-Care Plan?My Profile

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