Grandparent Gift Packs for the Holidays

We have three sets of grandparents in our family. Each one loves and cherishes our daughter and around the holidays she has been asking to make a special present for them. For the last two years, I have been giving them holiday photos as a gift. The first year it came with a special frame that fit their decorating aesthetic and the second year we updated the photo. Now that our daughter is old enough we thought of a great way to add to this tradition, let’s make it a gift from her!

We decided to create a special gift pack from her to them. This way it is personal and something our toddler will be proud to present to her grandparents. I am hoping it will be extra special to them because it really is totally from her.


This year we decided to create a craft for Christmas which they can hang on their wall. She also wrote a special note to each of them (signed by her) and put a packet of photos together from this year. We tied it all together with a beautiful bow and she decorated the outside of the envelope. Normally she would not be able to do this specific part but we are lucky enough to be seeing each set of grandparents this year in person so I figured decorate away.

For the craft, we decided to create a handprint Christmas tree. I have seen these on Pinterest and done in her school and thought why not make one for each set of grandparents. She also made an extra for our house.

I bought non-toxic, washable, glitter paint, construction paper, fuzz balls and Christmas themed stickers.


I brushed her hand with the paint and pushed it onto the paper. She was really good for this craft I have to say. I was expecting to get green paint all over our coffee table but she was a pro and just let me brush and stick!

After it dried overnight I let her decorate to her heart’s content with the stickers and fuzz balls. She LOVED pulling the backs off of the stickers and place them exactly where she wanted them. I did dole out specific numbers of stickers or the first tree would have had every sticker imaginable on it. They turned out really cute and each one is special.


I let her pick which tree went to which grandparents, which she loved. I then wrote her name and age on the back so they would remember when she did it if they keep it.

The letter was hand written by me while she told me what to say. Then she got to go to town coloring and “signing” it.


Lastly, I grouped the photos together and tied it all together with a beautiful Christmas ribbon.

I know how excited she is to give them these gifts. She has only been asking about it every day since we finished them. I am thrilled that I found a way to make it a special tradition for her too.


Do you have any special traditions you do for gifts with your family??


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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