Snacking Healthy around the holidays with Graze Boxes

This time of year can be killer on your waste line. I am a very guilty of over indulging during the holidays as I am sure a lot of people are. If I don’t make my own healthy snacks and consciously keep the junk away we have a big problem.

My husband is the worst offender of all when it comes to snacking. I am not kidding. His junk food binges are legendary around our family. One time, around Halloween, he ate an entire bag of Starburst. Not the little bag, the BIG bag. He was sick for a week after that. His mom has always joked telling me that nothing in this world is too sweet. That is definitely true for him.

Now that he has started a new job working in an office it has been harder than ever to keep him on the no snack train. I understand that fruit and granola bars can get boring, especially when you eat the same apple every day. As a result, I have been looking into different snack options on Pinterest. When I was pregnant I made my own granola bars, fruit leather and nature bars. Now with the baby and my daughter home so much of the time that seems almost impossible.


***This post does contain affiliate links but I never put anything on the blog I do not personally love. All of the opinions expressed are my own.***

In my search, I found a great new option for wives and moms that are just too busy to make their own healthy snack and want something beyond the boring apples and granola, Graze Boxes. They are a healthy option for people who want tasty, exotic, unique snacks that are also HEALTHY! It is really tough to get bored with their snacks because there are SO many to choose from. How awesome is it when good snacks get interesting.

I have decided to get my husband a subscription for Christmas this year. He never reads the blog so I am not worried about him finding out. This way I can surprise him with healthy, yummy snacks all year long. I no longer have to worry about him going to the vending machine for some chips.

My husband wants healthy snacks I say, Snack smarter with Graze. Click for your free box! #WaystoGraze #grazesnacks Click To Tweet

Now, don’t think that I am going to let him have all of the tasty fun. I happen to liken myself to a bit of a foodie. I am willing to try pretty much anything, except green beans. YUCK. I am also a baker so the holidays are nearly impossible for me. Making at least 20 dozen cookies every year, some are bound to end up in my mouth. This year, I cannot wait to try some of the amazing snacks I have found so far. Chocolate and pumpkin spice that are healthy…yes, please! Here are just some of my favorite sounding ones…


Here are just some of my favorite sounding ones…

  • Cranberry and Hazelnut Toasts with Rich Cocoa Dip
  • Baobab & Raspberry Clusters (don’t know what that is, check it out!)
  • Hickory Smoked BBQ – cashews, peas, and roasted corn
  • Lemon Drizzle Flapjacks – kind of like granola bars but NOT
  • Cocoa Orange Bites with citrus green tea bag – snack and drink in one

Graze also offers a great variety of lunch options. They have Asian soup packs, just add water and enjoy a wonderful soup for lunch. Their bars and snack packs are the perfect addition to any lunch box.

A snack subscription would be perfect for kids because not only do they get new flavors and textures but it is all healthy. My daughter is beyond picky. She is one tough cookie when it comes to anything new. I have found that if mommy or daddy eats it first she is more willing to try. Bonus for me! I cannot imagine her not liking a lot of the snacks on Graze. They also have a wonderful Graze blog you can check out for recipes.


You may be wondering how the snack subscription works. It is pretty simple, you sign up here to receive your first 4-snack sampler box free, plus $1 shipping.  Then afterward you will start getting a new 8 snack box every week for just $11.99. This for me makes a ton of sense because we spend more than that each week on snacks. You can discover over 100 nutritious snacks that will excite your taste buds, try finding that in a store. You can eat new snacks every week for a very long time. But I am 100% confident you will find a couple of favorites.

Let’s say you don’t want a new box every week. That is perfectly fine. You can decide how often you want a new 8 snack box. Just manage your subscription. You can also cancel at any time online. That’s right, no annoying phone calls begging you to stay. Just log on and the site can help you cancel. You can but I guarantee you won’t want to.

Give it a try! Tasty snacks by mail.  No GMOs, artificial flavors or colors. Try your 1st box, free!

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What is your favorite way to snack healthy around the holidays? I just found mine! 


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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  1. Those lemon drizzle flapjacks look so intriguing! I love that this is all healthy and good and unique. I never heard of Graze, but totally want to try them too!

    1. You really should while this great offer is going on. I am SO glad I did. Remember if you are not thrilled with your choices or snacks it is really easy to cancel!

  2. Oh this looks like a perfect snacking option! I am so glad you wrote about it! Totally will have to check it out!
    Angela Tolsma recently posted…Oh Christmas TreeMy Profile

    1. Please do! I guarantee you will love it. It is a fantastic way to keep your snacking healthy and delicious.

  3. Oh snacking healthy around the holidays is so hard! This would be great for a coworker gift or anyone who is trying to eat healthier in 2017!

    1. Isn’t that most peoples goal?! I know it is always at the top of my list. This way I don’t have to think about it just pick what I want and snack or Graze away!

  4. It’s a really good idea to watch how you snack around the holidays! I’m always so tempted to snack on cookies and cake, but I snacked on fruit instead today.
    Theresa recently posted…Simple Homemade French Onion SoupMy Profile

    1. I think so too. That way when you do indulge you don’t have the same cookie shame!

  5. Oh wow, this looks awesome! I am awful about grazing on chips or other unhealthy snacks, especially this time of year when the treats are abundant! This would make a great gift too!

    1. My mom is giving it to my dad for Christmas. She thought it would be perfect for the two of them. I LOVE the idea and cannot wait for my husband to find out we are getting it for the rest of the year!

  6. Oh my goodness! That Graze subscription box looks so delciious!
    Tayler Morrell recently posted…DIY Winter Pine OrnamentMy Profile

  7. Debra

    This looks like so fun – I always find snacking hard but especially around the holidays.

  8. I love Graze. They have such wonderful snacks! I try to balance my intake of veggies/fruits with cookies. It’s tough this time of year but I prepare little baggies of veggies & fruits so I can just grab one and go. Convenience is key!

    1. That is very smart. I need to pre-prepare things like that. I would be much more likely to grab and go a little baggy. That is why I love Graze so much the snacks are ready for you when you are.

  9. Reesa Lewandowski

    This sounds like a great way to enjoy snacks! I have seen the commercials for Graze and I should check them out!

    1. Please do! I think the first box free is such an awesome perk and they are really easy to cancel if you don’t love what you get.

  10. I also have trouble with eating healthy this time of year. It is great that they offer such a wide variety of healthier snack choices.

  11. I’m guilty…I am sort of like your husband. Only my entire BIG bag was reese cups. I was sick too. :-/ But It was so good while I was enjoying each little bite. lol. I love the concept of the graze box. Looks like it’s loaded with tasty treats!
    Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh recently posted…Peppermint Crunch Sugar CookiesMy Profile

    1. They have awesome treats that I had never heard of. I also love how they stay up to date on the superfood trends.

  12. Kristie

    Healthy snacking + holidays don’t always go together lol! But this looks really good! I’ll have to get that freebie!

  13. I give up eating healthy this time of year. I want all the sugary goodies and treats!! This might be a good way to enjoy snacks without the cavities 😉
    Taylor Mobley recently posted…Buffalo Plaid + A Confidence BoostMy Profile

  14. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo this box looks so yummy!! I have never heard of graze before!!!! So need to sign up for this

    1. I had not heard of it before this and now I am addicted! I love how you get your first box free too. Great way to figure out if it is right for you.

  15. Snacking or just eating too much is hard around the holidays! I love Graze and the options they have. Especially the individual sizes so you don’t over eat.

    1. It is wonderful. I love how to takes a lot of the guesswork out of snacking. That is perfect for me!

  16. Oh my yummy! I have heard of Graze before, but have never had a peek inside the box! Now I want to check them out!
    Roxanne recently posted…Friday Favorites – Walking With Leslie GIVEAWAYMy Profile

    1. I hope you do they are pretty great!

  17. That’s an interesting assortment of snacks. All the nuts go good for the holidays for sure. Sure hope youe enjoyed them.
    Dawn McAlexander recently posted…2016 Holiday Tech Guide Featuring The Microsoft Surface ProMy Profile

  18. I simply love Graze products! They’re perfect for being on-the-go and/or traveling. My favorite was their snickerdoodle crackers. Off. the. chain.
    Suzanne Spiegoski recently posted…Harajuku Meets OllariMy Profile

  19. I usually love snacking on fruits like blueberries and strawberries, but I love snacking on trail mixes every now and then. I have never heard of this company, but I’ll definitely check them out!
    HilLesha recently posted…Holiday Gift Ideas at DICK’S Sporting GoodsMy Profile

  20. Christina Aliperti

    I love Graze boxes. There is always such a great variety of snack to try in each box.

  21. Britt

    Ooh that snack box looks amazing! I started a snack box in my fridge and pantry at home. Every week I add new things and my kids love it. I only add healthy options and it helps a lot.

  22. These seem like they would be great for appetizers or even dessert. I think they would be a real hit with my family.

  23. I’ve always wanted to give the Graze box a try! I am a huge snacker, so I think it would be perfect for me! Definitely going to have to look into it now 🙂
    Angie Rose recently posted…Dishing It & Digging It {126}My Profile

  24. Lindsey Paris

    I have never heard of these Graze boxes before but they look fabulous! I need this in my life.

  25. Megan mccoig

    I love a good graze box. I buy them all the time. This time of year these are great to snack on instead of the bad stuff. Good idea!

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