Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Second Birthday!

This year was very special for several reasons. Not only was Monkey turning 2, but my cousin graduated from the United States Naval Academy. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Monkey and my cousin share the same first and middle name, therefore they will always share a special bond. Even with being 21 years apart in age. My cousin visited when I came home from the hospital with Monkey. He has made a point to stay in touch visiting several times throughout the past two years, while attending the Naval Academy.

Since Monkey’s birthday was the same day as graduation, he enjoyed opening gifts from family members and devoured a cupcake. as that is how all birthdays should be celebrated.

Monkey’s current obsession is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which was the theme for this year’s birthday party. Due to the size of my house, the party was held outdoors. This was the best way to accommodate more family and friends. Family was in town from California, Texas, Ohio, and Florida. Many of which had not seen Monkey in over one year. It was nice to have the entire family together, along with friends and neighbors to celebrate Monkey turning two!

Being the bargain shopper that I am, I searched the internet for where I can find the cheapest, yet cutest decorations for the party. Surprisingly I found a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse decorations from the Dollar Tree, in addition to Party City.

We decided to make a cute photo prop for the party.

  • We took large pieces of cardboard, cut them out, and made a frame.
  • Then covered the frame in red fabric.
  • I found these cute figures online, printed them out, cut them out and adhered them to the frame.
  • I then cut out the letters.

It made the perfect addition to our clubhouse.

To keep going with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, we did a hot dog bar. It was a nod to the famous “Hot Diggity Dog” song, which is plays at the end of every episode. We had hot dogs and buns, the building blocks, of course. Then we had some different toppings. The basics, ketchup, mustard, and relish. However, you really could do anything. Sauerkraut, tomatoes, pickles, chili, cheese, diced onion, anything you think would be good on a hot diggity dog.

Overall, the party was a big success, even with the few minutes of rain showers that decided to show up. Monkey was having a meltdown towards the end of the party, as nap time was quickly approaching. Thankfully, everyone was very understanding. We quickly sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed homemade cupcakes and decorated cookies, before an afternoon nap.

Kay – The Rookie Mom

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