Four-Year-Old Logic

Having a four-year-old is like looking into pure sunshine. It is brilliant, pure, and can sometimes hurt, a lot.

The saying is true, “out of the mouths of babes” the truth comes. It is crazy some of the things our children say are so innocent. It makes us laugh and cringe, but it should also make us think.

Last Monday was Presidents Day and so my daughters class was learning all about the President. What their duties are, where they lived, who some of them were, the amazing things some of them did and more. But what I thought was interesting was how her mind processed the information she retained.

Here is a transcript of our enlightening conversation.

Me: So tell me what you learned about presidents.

Char: I learned the President is supposed to protect our country. Also, that they stopped people from buying and selling other people.

Me: What do you mean?

Char: Abraham Lincoln stopped people from selling other people; but I didn’t know you could do that.

Me: You can’t anymore.

Char: Why could you ever?

Me: That is a good question. Because before people knew better they use to sell people to work on farms and help plant crops to make food and other things. But then we people realized that was wrong and started paying people to work instead of forcing them to do it.

Char: And the bad men went to jail?

Me: Sure. Something like that.

Char: So now everyone is the same?

Me: Not entirely, but we are working toward getting there.

Char: I don’t think it should matter who you are. Because everyone should get the same thing if they do the same thing.

Me: I agree with you.

Char: Well I’m sure glad they can’t do that anymore. You know I learned who is on money too.

Me: Who?

Char: George Washington is on the quarter. Abraham Lincoln is on the penny.

Me: That’s right! Do you know who is on the dime?

Char: Ummmmm…no.

Me: Roosevelt

Char: Oh cool.

(A little while later after she had some time to think.)

Char: Mommy can I see George Washington on a quarter?

(I pulled out my phone and google imaged a quarter.)

Char: Cool! Now can I see a penny?

(I google imaged a penny.)

Char: Now can I see a dime?

(I google imaged a dime. Her face twisted in confusion.)

Me: What’s that face for?

Char: Wait! Roosevelt is a BOY?!?

Me: Yup. His name was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Char: But wait Mommy…

Me: Honey, all the presidents have been boys.

Char: WHAT?!? Why???

Me: That is a very good question. Kinds stinks huh.

Char: Well we need to change that right away. When can we change that?

Me: Hopefully in the next election, 2020. There are a lot of people fighting for that change honey. That’s why all the people you saw earlier in the year were marching in the street. For that and for a lot of rights for women and other people.

Char: Well we need to help them fight. We need to march with them.

Me: We will see.

Char: It’s important mommy.

In the end, if a four-year-old can see it, why can’t the rest of us? It is so simple for them.

With Love,


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