Have baby will travel...part 1

Have Baby…Will Travel (Part 1)

One of the things that new parents, second and third-time parents, heck I think almost all parents fear is traveling with their young children. Especially on public transit. I’m not only talking about subways but airplanes, trains, and buses too. You truly never know how a child is going to react to travel.

We started traveling with our sweet baby girl when she was 2 months old. She was fine in the car and in terms of air travel well, we didn’t have much of a choice. We have family located around the country and most places there is one member who is not able to fly so we decided to go to them. Everyone wanted to meet our sweet baby girl and we wanted her to meet the family so, we had most of these trips booked before she was even born. It really was not a question of should we or could we, it was okay let’s go.

We have always been the travelers in our family. We go to the group; they do not come to us. Our families are traditional in that you go to your parents until they no longer want to host, then and only then, does the next generation take over the hosting. This is fine for us, it’s what we are used to. As I mentioned earlier my husband and I both come from large families so we travel a lot!

Let’s Go! – The Beginning of our Traveling 

When she turned 8 weeks, old it was off to the races. We did our first big car trip. We headed out the 5 hours to Tampa to get to my husbands family. She got to meet all of her extended family in Florida in one swoop. It was great. She did super good in the car. Slept most of the way and when she freaked we stopped.

Then we headed an additional 3 hours to Sanibel Island. My dad, my step-mom, sisters and extended family were there. We got to lounge on the beach and chill out in a very nice house. I kept thinking this really isn’t that bad. Keep in mind I am not mentioning that our new SUV was stocked so full of baby gear it looked like it was about to POP! I cannot even imagine what we would have done if we still had my small two door neon! That was a smart upgrade!

Then she hit 3 months.

It was time to travel for two weeks around New York. I had never been so nervous! This required her first plane ride! I seriously debated doing those passenger care packages with earplugs and snacks. My husband thought I was nuts. We stayed in a beach house and honestly it was pretty good. She got to meet hubby’s whole family! Tons of cousins to occupy her. It was fantastic. She slept with us in the same room already so it was just a change of venue. Oh, and no air conditioning in the summer. We conquered it without a problem.

We traveled to Orlando and other places by car over the next 2 months. There was not a month that went by with no travel. Then 6 months hit and it was two weeks in Wisconsin, another plane ride and set up in the same room. It was 40 degrees in September too! We are from Florida; I was not used to bundling my baby girl up! Thank goodness for my family who have been bundling babies for 30 years! It was great and buggy got to meet her 2G (Great-Grandma) who is no longer able to travel. My world felt complete.

Buggie and her 2G
What a Year! Now onto the next with a traveling toddler…

Thank goodness I was able to be a stay at home mom; honestly, in that first year, there wasn’t very much staying home! My husband did not do all of the traveling with me. He had to work, which added to my terror, but our buggy was a trooper through it all. Now she is a very active toddler and we are taking an Alaskan cruise in two weeks!

I’m feeling like an amateur, travel wise. What will keep a 14-month-old busy on a 7-hour plane ride? I need advice and help with this. Maybe now I should consider the earplug and snack bags…

Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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  • Jamie

    We flew to Europe with a (then) 18 month old – what the heck were we thinking? Plus we just returned from a cross-country set of flights with a 6yo and nearly 3yo. At least yours is still squarely in diapers so she won’t hold up the take off a flight due to an untimely need to poop (true story). Here are my tips on what to bring:
    -car seat for babe on the plane – ensures safety of the seat (not being checked/gate-checked), provides somewhere comfortable/familiar for baby to hang out (let’s face it, airplanes are cramped enough!) and hopefully do some major napping! Also allows for one more seat to stow your stuff under. 🙂
    -lots of different snacks, toys, books, activities – some familiar ones but new ones too!
    -favorite blankie/lovie!
    -an extra dose of patience. This one I am so not good at, but I do try to remember that my kid can’t have been the worst one that ever flew (except that one time when he screamed for 45 min straight…ok, so see – YOUR kid won’t be the worst one that ever flew).
    -hopefully you’ll luck out and get some patient seatmates who will help entertain C when you’re too exhausted to

    Above all, try to have fun – I’m jealous that you’re going to Alaska!!

    • Nicole

      I know you will not have much room to bring stuff. But my friend just went to Seattle with a 2 year old. She brought a ton of activites for her to do. Books, food, crayons and books (not sure for buggy likes that). Maybe a iPad or mini DVD player if you have one. Hope this helps!

  • Jess

    Lollipops for take off and landing. If ever there is a good time for bribing your kid with candy….it’s when you need their ears to pop

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