Dealing with Pediatric Psoriasis

My Daughter and Pediatric Psoriasis

“Oh my, I think she has Psoriasis” This is not something you ever expect to hear when you are dealing with you 9 month old and yet it is all that is running through my mind lately. It is what the doctors keep telling us might be going on with my little girl. Here is the beginning of our story…

One of our sweet dogs has been sick for the last two days. It always freaks me out. They are my kids too! When I woke up I knew she had to go to the vet.

I woke up dear husband to let him know we had a problem and I proceeded to get ready to leave. I wanted to get her to the vet as soon as they opened. Now of course, they open at 8am and I had to LEAVE my house by 9:45am to get my little angel to her first visit with the Pediatric Dermatologist.

She’s been seeing mine for a year but I decided it was time to take her to a pediatric for a second opinion. Great, now I have to go 30+ minutes in one direction with no appointment, and come back and go 45 minutes in the other direction. FABULOUS and risky. We get to the vet and our amazing vet took the time to see her. I was relieved to find out she just had a very upset tummy.  I head out only to realize I am supposed to be home in 8 minutes to get downtown on time.

Well, needless to say I drove a little fast to get home. Dropped off the dog, picked up my husband and daughter and rushed out to our appointment. Thankfully, we were about 10 minutes late, and they took us within just a few minutes. I was relieved once again amidst the rush and stress.

A little back story on WHY we were rushing to this Pediatric Dermatologist?
Dealing with Pediatric Psoriasis

Well, around 9-10 months old I thought Maci had what we like to call “cradle crap”. I bought the stuff from the store to get rid of it and it worked, but one spot was very stubborn, slightly different, and wouldn’t go away. Rather than scrape at it, I decided to take her to see the pediatrician.

By the time we got out appointment the next week, she had developed 2 more similar spots on each arm. I was very concerned by this time.   The pediatrician basically said it was “probably some type of fungus or something” and suggested we use Selsyn Blue. Yep, that crazy adult shampoo, for about 2 weeks.

I was taking her back for her one year vaccines soon, so unless I couldn’t get her spots to go away I wasn’t going to take her for a follow-up with him.   After almost a week using this horrible shampoo and trying not to get it in her eyes, the spot on her scalp was worse and her arms had acquired a few more small spots.

I said SCREW THIS, and took her to the dermatologist I have been seeing since she was 9 weeks old. He was surprised to see it was HER appointment when he got in the room, and then he was surprised at what he saw.

He said “Oh my, I think she has Psoriasis”.

Then he must have seen the blank, confused look on my face and said quickly “don’t be scared, it’s not THAT bad, we can control it if it is but it’s not common in infants”. He proceeded to explain what Psoriasis is, and my stress level went through the roof. I hid it like most moms would, until I left the office. He went ahead and gave her a little numbing shot and took a skin scrape from her arm to send off for testing to later confirm he was right.  

She began to see him once a month and we have been going that often almost ever since. I think we may have had one 3 month stretch where she didn’t go. We are regulars in his office, they all know who we are when we walk in. She is his youngest patient ever with Psoriasis. We have been battling this auto-immune disease ever since and turns out not long after she was diagnosed I started to show signs of it as well. The same type which is not the common type, Guttate Psoriasis.  

If you are interested in looking it up, it’s a great thing to educate on because it’s a very unknown subject. I have encountered a LOT of people over the past year who I had the pleasure of educating to the best of my ability because they had no idea what it was. It’s “genetic” though she and I are the only ones who have it. Maybe I carry the gene from many moons ago and it’s just resurfacing now.  

It’s been a long year, with a lot of emotional ups and downs. I have cried all the way home from his office because I am just to sad and mad that I can’t make my baby better. I have had happy days and weeks where I think we have it under control just to be saddened the next morning to see her and realize she’s flared up over night and we are battling it again.

Now we are at the Pediatric Dermatologist…

ANYWAY, that said, we finally get to meet the doctor. I’m pretty sure it’s HER practice and she’s the only Pediatric Dermatologist in our area. I was surprised to see how young she was. Not a problem by any means, and she was super duper nice. This visit I was happy to NOT feel single. I am usually the one who has to make all the decisions and ask all the questions.  

My husband JUST met the other dermatologist 3 weeks ago after going to him for a YEAR. Isn’t that nuts? Well, it was nice to have him there to listen, ask, support. I haven’t been getting that support over the past year, and this was a nice change. You could see the doctor was a little surprised to see how bad her skin is right now. I literally took a shoe box of everything we currently or previously have used on her. Writing down almost 20 different creams, lotions, ointments, sprays, foams and such did not make sense. The doctor and the nurses kind of giggled at our box, but were very happy that we brought it. The nurse entered it all in her computer while we spoke with the doctor.

She suggested a new strong cream for the next 3 weeks. She had also suggested starting her on a 2 weeks “trial” of antibiotics to see if it helps. I am not one for un-necessary antibiotics. My daughter has NEVER had to take them in her short two years. I told the doctor this, but also said I was willing to try it for one round but I didn’t want that to be my first option.

So, we are going with the cream for the next 3 weeks. Which reminds me I need to call and see if the pharmacy has it. OH YEAH, she wanted my baby to give blood so they can check to see if there are any underlying issues like current or previous illnesses that may be causing flare ups, and one of the requests was a platelet count too.

So we leave, make her appointment for 3 weeks away. An appointment in which I will have to go solo. We head towards home looking for lunch. We sit and have some Quiznos, and decide that we are going to just take her to the lab around the corner and get the blood work over with. I was so nervous. She has never done this. I hate her even getting shots because I don’t want anyone hurting her!

Giving Blood, such a nightmare – 

Well, time to go! I sit in the chair and hold her, daddy watches the techs. It was only supposed to be out of one arm. My daughter watched them, but then the blood must have slowed, because she had to turn the needle and the other tech had to loosen her grip on the arm and POW, the needle popped out. =( Not a tear shed, but I knew moving to the second arm was not going to be fun.  

She got a breather while they prepped for the other arm..then she got upset as they poked her. Tears started flowing, she pulled back some but I had a good grip on her. I told daddy to show her the stickers she was going to get and try to keep her attention. Tears still flowing, they finished and she got her sticker. Tears were gone by the time we got to the car, and she had “boo-boos” she was showing us. The tape/gauze spots were stuck on there good, so she was happy to show us her boo-boos. Gave her a messy Cheetos in the car and she was happy.  

We get home and I know she’s tired. She needs a nap, so do I at this point. Well, that was a no go! LOL. She whined and cried for 30 minutes until I went to go get her. We played and chilled out the rest of the day. It was a long one, but oh well. That’s how we roll.  

Now I bid you farewell…until next time.  

Brandy – The Not-So-Single Mom

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