Have Baby will travel...Toddler Edition

Have Baby…Will Travel, Part 3; The Toddler Addition

Well, we have done it! We made it all the way to Alaska with our toddler in tow. It took a 3 hour flight, a 7 hour flight and a 3 hour bus ride but we got to the cruise ship! First let me say that there is no state in this great union quite like Alaska. I have seen a lot of our country, I have never seen mountains like these. Also the glaciers and wildlife is so incredible! One of the most beautiful places we have ever been, hands down!

Have Baby will travel... toddler edition
Here is the story of traveling to Alaska with our toddler.


But back to our travels. My daughter finally lived up to her nickname of Our Little Bundle of Chaos during this trip. During our first 21 hour travel day she slept a total of 1, no that is not a typo folks, count it, 1 hour!!!

She was wiggling and playing and eating. I have never seen such toddler determination to stay awake before. My husband and I were dying to get a little shut eye ourselves, but not her. She wanted to make sure she didn’t miss anything. She made friends with almost everyone on board. Which was good because when those inevitable meltdowns did happened they were very kind to us.

Unfortunately, it was her ears which were our downfall. As we ascended in the plane, they popped, that’s what woke her from her deep sleep. So, I had a note to self moment, be prepared for her not to sleep on planes anymore. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best has become my new motto. The only problem is the only flight we could get back, at the time we needed it was an overnight, red eye burner. Boy is that gonna be fun!

She has been decent in the hotels. She has never been one to walk around and wander, but then again she has never traveled while walking. So I have learned to run! Our family has learned a whole new way to play zone defense.

She has loved walking around and saying hi to the various people. Thankfully she is smiley so they just smile back and she continues on her merry way. I’m glad she is a social butterfly. Well, that is while mommy or someone she loves is near her.

Distant Daycare…

We put her in daycare for the first time on the ship. That is been terrible. We went and played with her in the nursery and she LOVED it. She was happy as can be. Then she realized that mommy was not going to stay and play. She LOST her MIND!!!

I have only heard that cry a couple times in her short life. Now every time we go near the nursery she cries. Today we went to book something so we can have one dinner alone and I could see the look on one of the girls faces like “Oh god please not again!”. We desperately need a night alone. My husband says “Sorry ladies, I pray she’s not too bad.” I die inside every time we take her. I am not use to people not liking my daughter and I always assume they think I am a terrible mother.

Again, I die a little bit.

Eating, yeah right!…

I have also learned the junky food she rarely gets at home has become her whole diet. It’s killing me. My daughter is a picky eater, not picky as much as difficult. When she’s tired it gets a ton worse. So we have been giving her pretty much anything she will eat, and that has not been much. You would think on a cruise there would be plenty to choose from but with my non pizza, chicken nugget and (suddenly) mac and cheese eating toddler, the selection has been limited.

She has been surviving on the grocery bag of food we brought from home, fruit and cheese. I am going to have to work on getting her to eat new things once we get back. I will keep you posted on my adventures in toddler eating.

Traveling over all with a toddler is very different than with a baby. I still love watching her experience new things, like snow in July, whales and the “Big Boat”. I love the family time, the joy I see on everyone’s faces when she is having fun.

But I have missed spending time with my husband, being alone, going dancing or having intimate dinners. I have noticed it more with her being more active. The stress has been 10 fold; part of that I was expecting.

I think there is a strong possibility we are going to need a staycation from our vacation.


The Perfectionist Mom

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