Evil Toddler Bed

My Crib Climber

I have officially entered the nightmare of having a crib climber.

My son is the amazing escape artist! No matter how much we lower his crib mattress he still gets out.

I am familiar with this phase as I went through it with my daughter but not nearly as bad.

The worst part is that my son isn’t even 2 yet. He’s 21 months and too young to really understand that he has to stay in the crib at night. It does not matter how many times I tell him. We have had an awesome nighttime routine going for a long time now. All of a sudden he just refused to stay in the crib for nap time or bedtime.

We can’t figure out what the problem is or why he is acting this way. Regardless it has been misery for me.

Usually, I would take him to bed by getting his sippy cup of milk, changing his diaper and taking him in his room where I rock him to sleep by singing his favorite lullabies. It’s huge bonding time for just us. A routine that has been smooth and simple for about a year now.

As of 5 days ago, after laying him in the crib it was over. I have to stay in his room until he is totally asleep. If I try to leave right away he screams and cries and it’s out of the crib he goes! Then the routine starts all over again. I usually wind up staying in his room for about 30 minutes. At that point, I know he is completely passed out in a deep sleep and I can leave.

It wouldn’t be so terrible if that was the end of it but unfortunately the nightmare continues. Around 5am he climbs out of his crib, screaming, crying, and runs into my bedroom. I try to intercept him before he gets out of his room but he’s a quick little sucker! I realize that I should be taking him back to his room. Then, I can rock him to sleep and stay with him for a little bit until he is out. But the reality is I am so tired that I just put him in my bed. Then we both pass out.

Since he is sleeping next to me and I am not used to that, I am pretty much up and down the rest of the morning. Then it’s time to wake up at 7:15am. This has been the new routine for almost a week and it’s definitely getting to me.

It’s really hard because I feel like I am going though it alone since my husband works nights. He is gone from 10pm – 8am, 5 nights a week including weekends so it’s incredibly difficult for me.

It sounds a little ridiculous but I found myself getting really emotional about the whole thing. I have been feeling very overwhelmed, anxious, and ready to cry every 5 minutes. It is really hard because my son is going through a phase that doesn’t allow me to sleep very much. I couldn’t believe that lack of sleep could make me feel so out of sorts and emotional.

Upon thinking about it, I have a feeling that this new disruption in the household is bringing me back to when he was an infant. I was up with him all night by myself. My husband was at work and when he came home he needed to sleep. So I was still up with the baby then too. I was so exhausted and cranky that my husband and I would fight a lot due to the stress. Thankfully I was on maternity leave so I didn’t have to worry about working a full time job with the lack of sleep.

Now, I am definitely a full time working mother which is another reason I am feeling overwhelmed. Although, I think the biggest thing is my husband’s night schedule. I know what it is like to be a true single mother with a baby. These midnight episodes are bringing me back to that time period.

I have heard of some solutions to the crib climbing. Things like turning the crib around so the back part which is higher faces out. Also, there is this crib tent thing that covers the top of the crib like a dome.

Either way, it involves him screaming because he can’t get out. We are toying with the idea of getting him a toddler bed. Problem is everything I read said that it’s not ideal to transition to a toddler bed if they are under 2 years old. We only have another 2 1/2 months until he is 2 so we might just make the move early.

All I can say is that I feel miserable and overwhelmed. I feel ridiculous and slightly babyish for letting something like this make me feel so overwhelmed but I really can’t help it. It’s the anticipation of knowing what the middle of the night is going to hold for me that stinks so bad. I hope that this phase doesn’t last too long; our family of 4 is chaotic enough without another challenge being thrown in the mix.

Jackie – The Hot Mess Mom

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