Summer Time Memories

For most of us summer is here and in full swing. Heat and all! Every family does summer differently and that is what makes those moments so special. We here at MOMentous know that each and every one of us has special memories of summer as kids. Though times have changed summer is still magical for kids; our generation just happen to do it a bit differently.


What great summer memory you have? What are you and your family looking forward to doing this summer? How do you plan to help create those special memories for your children?

The Not-So-Single Mom: 

Our summers were filled with friends, family, food and fun, beach days and pool days. Right now my child is too young to know what summer is, but I hope that by the time she is school age, we will be able to take at least one trip a summer to a new place we haven’t been, be it in the US or not.

I didn’t and still haven’t been out of the country, so being able to share this with my child and teach her new things is how I want to make her summers memorable. I want her to see and experience the things I wasn’t able to. We want to give her the world! Actually I am very excited for this, as a lot will be new to me too.

While we are not traveling, I want her to spend time with family and friends just having fun, like I did as a child. Plain old fashioned fun in the sun, playing in puddles and running around like crazy with friends!

The Scrambling Step Mom: 

My favorite memories as a child were spending time at my Aunt & Uncle’s house. My dad raised my two brothers & I on his own, so we did not have much money to do things. We always went swimming and cooked out every weekend with my cousins, aunt & uncle. We still get together now (not as much as we would like), and have plans of cooking out this summer.

On Sundays, we have an “outside” rule. We do not use electronics, and only hang out outside. If it is raining, we play board games. We want our kids to remember doing things with us, and not just sitting in front of a TV!

The Hot Mess Mom: 

When I was a little kid summertime meant traveling and a lot a swimming in the pool. I was definitely a water baby. I grew up with only my mother and she usually worked nights as a bartender so we didn’t have these crazy family road trips or vacations but I always remember the water. Whether it was the beach or the pool, summertime meant fun in the sun and a great tan.

Now that I have kids of my own I try to instill the same in them. I like to utilize summertime as a time where my 7 year old daughter can explore and have fun the whole summer. We have put her in summer camp every summer since she started Kindergarten and we like to try a new one every year. This year is art camp, but they go on field trips every week and they go to the pool every Monday. She loves to be active and she loves the water just like I did. We try to take advantage of the fact that the pool is 30 feet from our door step.

Our son who 1 1/2 loves the pool too, so it’s definitely a family fun day when the pool is involved. We also like to take them to local water parks, like splash parks, that way my son can enjoy them too. We don’t travel too much yet which is mostly due in part to my husbands schedule since he works midnight shifts and he does not have the weekends off. The other reason is because I am not totally psyched about traveling with a small child yet. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Regardless, summertime to me and my family means lots of water play, outdoor green markets, bar-b-cues, 4th of July, and make your own ice-pops….yumm!

The Perfectionist Mom: 

When I was little my family lived close to each other. We always had cookouts with great food and family. The kids would try to catch fireflies late into the night. It was wonderful. I remember being able to go out during the day and ride bikes until we felt like our legs were going to fall off. We loved heading to Florida to visit our grandparents and go swimming. Summer was always fantastic, it felt like it lasted most of the year.

I want to help my daughter make special memories as she gets older. It won’t be as easy with the times if you will. She will most likely not be able to leave the house after lunch and not come home till dinner. She will most likely be bombarded with phones and video games but I want to her ride bikes and run through sprinklers. I will make sure she has those moments.

In our family the 4th of July is like Christmas. We go nuts. So that will be the time for special memories with cousins. We also plan to travel to a new place every year. We have done that without her and now being able to do it as a family is something we really look forward to. She has already started with her first year being Sylvan Beach and now Alaska.

The Naturalist Mom: 

Great summer memories for me were always spending time at my grandmothers house. She lived in this amazing community called Barefoot Bay. We practically lived at the pool, watched movies, golfed, and played cards or dominoes with the old ladies. Great Memories for sure!

This summer for our family is all about reconnecting-Whether that be with old friends or together as a family unit. For us, we enjoy FREE, creative activities where we interact outside, on projects or the zoo. With 3 young babies I enjoy soaking up the limited time of overwhelming love they have to share!

What are some of your best summer memories? How can we keep the magic in this high tech world?

Have A GREAT summer!!!

Your MOMentous Moms

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