Autumn is Upon Us…Unless you live in Florida

autumn collageI am not from Florida. I may have lived here practically my entire life, but I am not from Florida. They say that it takes about 2-3 years to acclimate to a new state. Well, I have lived in Florida for 23 years and I am still not use to the blinding heat and no seasons. My mom constantly tells me you have never had to live in the snow as an adult, you don’t understand. While this might be true, it does not make me yearn less for home every year. Florida is great, don’t get me wrong there are a lot of pluses to living here but here are something we miss out on and how I choose to cope…

The general change in seasons. We have two seasons really, Holy-Crap-Hot and Thats-not-so-bad-warm. Once in a while we get a small hit of Oh-Chilly 60 degree weather, but that only lasts a couple days at a time. When those weeks hit people around the country think we have lost our minds! It’s 70 out pull out the hoodies and sweaters! They don’t understand this is the only time we get to wear them! Embrace the crazy.

Char and Landon

If you want to wear boots, it’s that week. If you want to own more than one beautiful jacket, and use it, it’s that week. If you want to have your kids walk around in those lined halloween costumes they sell every year, well, just don’t live here. It was crazy to me last year, every baby halloween costume they sold in stores was thick, lined and warm! My daughter would have over heated, it was over 80 degrees outside, last year, at night! So the clothes are definitely something to get use to. Embrace the fact that our clothing bills are cheaper! No snow suits to buy for fast growing legs.

We do not have the same traditions because we don’t have the same climate. I have seen on my Facebook and such that tons of friends and family up north are going apple picking soon. Who knew you could pick apples from anywhere but a grocery store shelf!  We don’t grow apples, we don’t grow pumpkins, stop looking. It was a tradition in my family that we would go pick apples and then make TONS of apple pies and freeze them so we had them year round when we lived up north. Now, we light apple scented candles and enjoy the aroma wafting around our house. So I say Floridians let get together and go to our beautifully staged pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Walk around in our shorts and tank tops and enjoy. Just be careful, after a couple of days outside those funny, cute Jack-O-Lanters will wilt and mold. It is very sad.

halloween pic

One thing I miss is jumping into a big pile of leaves. All over television you see images of kids playing in piles. Well, that is not going to be here. Instead we get the pluses of not having to rake, bag or burn our leaves. Instead we get a slow down on mowing, I see this as a huge bonus. Oh, and you can still go into the pool, no covering it for the winter. Our flowers continue to bloom brightly and rarely is there a shadowy gloomy day.

So, while we enjoy our sunshine and not having to change out our wardrobes remember our friends up north. You will see them soon as they visit to get away from all that bitter cold. I may miss my home state of Wisconsin and yearn to move somewhere with seasons but for now I am taking my daughter in all of her bare legged glory to pick a pumpkin! Or maybe buy one from Publix.

pumpkin patch


The Perfectionist Mom

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  • Anonymous

    I am from chicago and have lived here for 4 years. I still cant get use to the heat. Every word in yourarticle is exactly what i have thought since we have been here. Well done!


    • MOMentous Moms

      Thank you so much Susana. I understand, my family thinks I am crazy but my favorite thing is to go home to Wisconsin for winter. I get to see snow! Its tough to adjust!

  • anallievent

    It’s hot and humid here in SC and will be for a while. Our weather is crazy. Sometimes we see snow in the winter and other times we wear shorts on Christmas Day. But we do usually have changing seasons, but I’ve always wanted to live on an island. 🙂

    • MOMentous Moms

      Living in Florida is similar I would think to an island. Unless its Hawaii which is just crazy perfect weather wise. My father lives in NC and so I do get a taste of season when we go up there for the holidays. I am always hoping for cold and usually I do not get disappointed! BTW I have driven hundreds of times through SC, it is such a beautiful place. We have that in our places if we move list 😉

  • Megan

    We are in southern Alabama and I think I know what you mean. We do get a couple weeks of really cold wear your puffy coat weather but the rest of the time we’re good with hoodies and jeans. I used to think it was REALLY cold since we moved here from Hawaii where it is 70-80 year round…but then we moved to Korea. Talk about death cold deep in your soul. Awful. Glad to be back in ‘chilly’ Alabama.

  • Jennifer Sikora

    I have lived in KY all my life and don’t think I would ever want to live anywhere else. I love the fact that we have 4 seasons here. I like the snow and can’t trade that, although I love to visit Florida from time to time.

    • MOMentous Moms

      My husband and his family are from Syracuse so they know winter too. They always tell me Florida is a bright change from the cold but I have been there and I think it is lovely!

  • jeanae

    & it is still hot in TX. I learned to appreciate fall when I was an undergrad in Maine…the colors of the leaves…wow! Here? We have the following seasons: hot, not so hot, so hot that I could die, and rain.

    • MOMentous Moms

      EXACTLY Jeanae, it’s the same thing here. I didn’t realize TX stayed that hot! I bet the colors in Maine were extraordinary! I would love to do one of those leaves tours where you ride through New England to see them all. That is probably the thing I miss most is seeing leaves change.

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