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So the last 2 months were rough with the bed situation for my little one. I wrote a blog a little while ago about the sleepless nights and my baby being a crib climber and not knowing what to do because he was so young…under 2. We decided to just go ahead and transition to the toddler bed. It was such a fiasco! I can laugh about it now that things are in place but at the time it was craziness. We started by lowering the crib to the lowest setting which surprisingly touches the floor. That little stinker still climbed out of his crib like a baby ninja. Every night it was the same routine….around 2 am he would get out and come in my bed and I would carry him back to his crib and run back to my room to look at him on the monitor. Usually he stayed in bed which was good, however he always got back out around 5am. At that point mommy was way too tired to fight it and I would just pull him up in my bed and lay him next to me and that would be that. After about a month of this never-ending game of midnight madness we decided we needed a toddler bed asap so he wasn’t falling out of bed every time he wanted to get out and we were hopeful that switching from a crib to a toddler bed would lessen the amount of times that our son wanted to get out of bed.

So we figured go back to the store where we bought the crib and just purchase the conversion kit for the toddler bed…easy enough, right? Wrong! We tried Baby’s R Us, Wal-Mart, Target, Buy Buy Baby, and even online….no luck.  The only way to get our crib to the toddler bed was to go directly through the company and they would send us the railing and the assembly pieces. So we ordered everything we needed and waited….and waited….and waited. Three weeks later my husband calls the company and they tell him that the credit card didn’t go through so the purchase was never actually made. Come to find out, the woman who took the credit card number 3 weeks ago entered the numbers wrong. Now since I was not home to take the phone from him and make the person on the other end cry in the corner, my husband, the passive aggressive, just places the order again and of course doesn’t get free shipping or 2 day shipping or any special treatment like that.

When it finally comes we were so excited to put it together and show our son the transformation from crib to toddler bed. One small problem….there is no hardware package with screws and bolts to assemble the railing. We called the company again, I called the company this time, and they told us that 2 years ago when we purchased our crib we were supposed to keep the left over pieces of hardware because that is what would be needed for the conversion kit for the toddler railing. I told them they were crazy and how is anyone supposed to know to keep that stuff. They apologized and sent us a hardware package which we received in another week. If only this is where the story ends, but no. The hardware package has all the wrong size hardware. I was livid at this point and neither me nor my husband had the strength to call the company back. I came home that night from work and somehow my husband made those pieces of hardware work because my son had his toddler bed all put together. Basically, you take the front rail off the crib so it looks like a daybed and then you attach the standard toddler rail. You wouldn’t think that process would take 4 weeks but I suppose it’s possible.

My son loves his new bed and I love that he loves it. I thought that I would have gotten emotional because he’s growing up and not in a crib anymore and becoming a big boy. But I think I was so drained from the last 2 months of ninja crib climber and dealing with the hardware issue that when it was all over, I was relived that he had his toddler rail and was excited about going to bed. It has been a little over a week so far and he has only gotten out of his bed 1 time and that was only because he wanted his bedroom door open. He likes the freedom and independence of getting in bed and getting out of bed with ease. He goes to bed super easy so that is a plus and now there is no more worrying if tonight is going to be the night that he gives himself a concussion because he landed on his head for the 37th time. Things are definitely more peaceful at night and we are back to a routine.

My advice for someone going through something similar, is to do your research and find out if transitioning your child from crib to toddler bed is the right move for you. My daughter stayed in her crib until she was almost 3 and that worked for us because there was no need to make the switch, she wasn’t a ninja crib climber, but my son has proven to be very different and even though every website told me it was not a good idea to transition to a toddler bed until after 2 years old, we had to ultimately make the decision that was best for us and our child. He’s doing great and couldn’t be happier in his big boy bed =)

With Love,

The Hot Mess Mom

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