Halloween Costumes! To Make or Buy?

brandy costume 3For my daughters first Halloween, we made our costumes with iron-on designs. I found designs and words and printed them on iron paper, then ironed them onto our shirts and her little onesie. Mommy and Daddy were Zombie hunters (because we were newly obsessed with The Walking Dead) and my 2.5 month old baby was a “Zombie hunter in Training”. No sewing involved, just some ironing.

For her second Halloween, last year, I purchased a used pumpkin costume with leggings from a yard-sale site on Facebook. It was super thick and lined and HOT. It was like 90 degrees when we went trick-or-treating and it was MISERABLE to say the least. She sure was the cutest pumpkin I have EVER seen, but I am not liking the lined costumes. Florida should have their own line of warm-weather friendly costumes!

brandy costume 2

This year she is big enough to want to pick out a costume, but still young enough that she doesn’t really understand and I can choose for her. Now, my dilemma is….do I buy a costume and take the easy route? Or, should I finally open up that sewing machine I got for Christmas a few years ago and re-learn how to use it? I haven’t used a sewing machine since middle school. Do I have enough time? Will I be able to do it? How long does it take to re-learn? Will I get it done in time or will I be rushing out to find anything I can so that she can participate?

What are my choices to dress up a 2 year old girl? I could try and make her a princess…but that sounds like a lot of detail for someone who still has an un-opened sewing machine, hehe. I could make her a Minnie Mouse costume and do a lot of iron on’s and glue with minimal sewing? I could make her Princess Sophia from the Disney channel? Everything sounds so difficult for this not-so-crafty momma.

I guess I better start researching and start on a project shouldn’t I?

Please let me know any suggestions in the comments!

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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  • MrsTee

    OMgoodnes the little pumpkin is adorable! I never have the make option since I stink at DIY but I often tweek our store bought costumes a bit just to make them unique…

  • The Not-So-Single Mom

    Thank you all! I am def no DIY kinda gal, but I want to try my hands at something. I like the idea of tweaking store bought costumes for the littles…but I may be making costumes for my husband and I for the annual Halloween party that we attend. Maybe making ours this year will give me a taste of making hers. We will see…I think I will have to do follow up on this post after Halloween to let you all know the outcome of everyones costumes!

  • lmadams1311

    We’ve done it all & a few times I’ve bought costume just to throw something together 5 mins before going out the door because somebody changed from a cowboy to a frog man. So it doesn’t always even matter!

  • The Not-So-Single Mom

    HAHA! I TOTALLY understand the mind changing…in a few years I am sure that will be my daughter too! Hopefully by then I will be a seasoned costume maker! And yes, one of the good things about homemade is knowing the materials and where they come from…and that they can be washed first. With my daughters Psoriasis, I don’t need anything scratchy irritating her poor skin and making her want to scratch. And imagining that along with sweating because most are lined…I am def starting to lean towards homemade even if she ends up being a ghost! LOL. Thank you everyone! I appreciate all your comments!

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