How we Attempt to Organize our Worlds

Organization is something that is essential to almost everyone’s life. The balance of life is delicate and can get thrown off very easily. As mothers we tend to be the CEO and scheduler of our worlds. 

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How do you keep the balance of work, family, school, social, etc. in your life? How do you organize, do you make lists, have a calendar, schedule? What are some of your tricks for keeping everyone’s lives in order?

The Hot Mess Mom – Organization is something I value with a passion. I am not considered the Hot Mess Mom for nothing. When you have a million things going on at once on a daily basis it’s crucial that there is some kind of a system. There are many different systems and I believe that you have to try a lot out before you know what works best for you and your family. Personally, I am a fan of calendars and planners. I know a lot of people stepped into modern times and have their entire life plan on their phone but I am more old school with writing everything down in a planner and on the calendar. My work calendar has all my meetings and basically anything work related and my calendar in the kitchen at home has everything from the kids’ doctor appointments to when bills are due. I also have a planner that I take with me which is a combo of work appointments and personal appointments. In my world the more reminders the better! That is what works best for me to keep this hectic family of 4 as organized as possible.

 The Not-So-Single Mom – This makes me laugh. Most days I believe I live in complete chaos, and that’s ok with me. First of all, any important appointments and such are immediately put into my calendar and reminders set so that all my linked devices tell me what’s coming up. Work, well I work from home part time, at my leisure. I have scheduled that for the days when my daughter is at “school”. Work along with household chores are done on those days. Social events…well I don’t partake in much of that, so the only thing I schedule is my personal trainer appointments, and those go into my calendar and are also done on school days. If anything else happens to be coming up that I plan on attending, it also goes into a calendar so I can plan for a sitter, or plan to take her with me, which is usually the case. Family time is anytime my husband is in the country and my daughter is not in school. Due to the randomness of our lives and schedules, not much is really planned out. We try and live life to its fullest and only “schedule” things that need to be scheduled. I try not to stress over the little things in life, like laundry and chores (like picking up all those toys off the floor). If it gets done, that’s great. If it doesn’t get done, that’s ok too. There are more important things, like spending time with my husband and my daughter than worrying about that load of laundry I haven’t done yet. I live in slightly organized chaos and that is perfectly ok with me.

The Scrambling Step Mom – Since it is just my toddler, husband & myself 70 percent of the week, we do not have much of a “schedule”. We get up in the morning, brush teeth, do breakfast & are on our way out the door. In the evenings, dinner is made when my daughter gets home, then bath, then bedtime. Not much to keep track of there! On the weekends when my stepdaughter is here, we have certain chores in the morning – making beds, brushing hair / teeth, getting dressed; and we also have evening routines – getting pajamas on, putting laundry away, showering, brushing teeth & specific bed times. None of this is kept on a chart or board, it is just done….. Often with reminders! Maybe a checklist would help, come to think of it!

The Perfectionist Mom – We have both set routines, which I think are super important, but also reminders all over the place. We have a shared calendar (electronic) and individual calendars (his electronic, mine both handwritten and electronic). We use the shared calendar because we only have one car so we need to “book” the car to use it. We use different colors for each person on our calendar. My husband is green, I am purple and, something we both have to attend is orange. We use individual calendars for obvious reasons. He does not need my target dates for work projects and such cluttering up his work calendar and vice versa.  When we have appointments such as doctor’s appointments, trips or people visiting they also go up on our wall calendar. We find this convenient because it hangs in our kitchen so is a constant reminder. I know it seems like overkill but even with all of that scheduling things still get lost in the shuffle.  I am also a constant list maker. I have lists on my phone and ones that are hand written. I find by hand writing something I am more likely to remember it. In our home you will find grocery lists, honey-do lists, things that need fixing lists and then separate notebooks for my husbands job (which I assist with) and my job. I like to say we are a well oiled machine, but I know that is not the case. I am always searching for ways to make our lives a little bit more organized. It is one of the small ways I stay sane!

Please let us know in the comments some of your favorite ways to get organized and stay organized!! 

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms

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