The Perfectionist Moms Fall Bucket List!

Fall Bucket List

I adore the season that is fall. I love it a lot better when we visit up north but because we live in Florida and the season is sometimes difficult to recognize I have dedicated myself to making a Fall Bucket List this year. It was an idea I got from a fellow blogger Logan. Here is her list at Logan Can…A Lifestyle Blog, thank you Logan!

To try and bottle some of the magic which fall can bring for not only myself but also my family, here is my Fall Bucket List!

Carve a Pumpkin with my husband – This might seem like a no brainer but I always seem to end up doing it alone! This year I am going to get him involved if it kills me!

Make Pumpkin Roll – My MIL makes this amazing dessert, pumpkin roll, which my husband adores. So I have promised to make it for him at least once this season. Maybe if I make him one he will carve the pumpkin with me 😉

Take picture of Buggy at Pumpkin Patch – We have an amazing faux pumpkin patch near our house called Bedners! People come from up to an hour away to see it. Last year we went late and there were barely any pumpkins left so this year I am going to get a picture of Buggy in the pumpkin patch actually picking a pumpkin, even it if is just a tiny one. 🙂

Make Homemade Apple Cider – I am OBSESSED with apple cider, hot, cold doesn’t matter to me. I love it. I wanted to make it myself last year and ran out of time so I am going to do it this year!

Find Buggy’s Halloween costume – My daughter is in love with Care Bears. But they are no longer on TV you say? While this might be true, they are still on Netflix and she has watched each episode 3 times. She sees the stuffed animals in the store and it is the only toy she actually cries about when I say no, so she is going to be a Care Bear! I was when I was little and she will be too, even if I have to stay up attempting to make her costume. Help!!

Trick or Treat – Last year my daughter was only 7 months old at Halloween and so did not do any trick or treating. This year we get to be a part of the fun. There are 5 families on our street that have little ones around the same age so we are going to stick together and let the kids go to each other’s houses. I think it is going to be GREAT!

Have a Green Bay Packers Football Game Party – If you read my stuff you know I am in love with football, Packers football to be exact. I also love to entertain so I would like to have a football party this year.

Wear my new boots – For my birthday (shhhh it’s coming fast!) I am getting new knee high boots! I love boots, I pin thousands of them on my personal Pinterest and gawk at them in stores but I have big feet (size 12!). Boots are impossible to find in my size. Well, my mom did it and I am determined to wear the heck out of those this year!

Have an awesome Thanksgiving – I am a HUGE cook! I love it. When I was pregnant I made Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people in our brand new house with my mom. It was the best Thanksgiving I can remember. This year we are going to be at my dad’s house in North Carolina. I am out of my mind excited! Buggy is going to meet all of their friends and get to experience some true fall weather. Plus my dad smokes a turkey like no other! Even my husband is not minding the 13-hour car ride for that turkey.

Last but not least!

Get my Christmas shopping done! – Wait, let’s not be irrational here or reach for the stars, let’s go for mostly done. I am a chronic late shopper. I have good intentions to get everything done but never do. We are always running out the week before Christmas. I think last year we actually bought some of our daughter’s presents the night before. Bad mommy and daddy! So the goal is to get it done before winter this year. We will see how it goes!

With Love,

The Perfectionist Mom

What is on your Fall Bucket List?? Please share in the comments!

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