Easy Activities for Busy Toddlers

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My buggy is always on the move. No matter how tired she is, she is always active. When we go places she is watching, observing and digesting. I can tell she is smart, not in the oh my goodness my kid is a genius kind of way but the normal, my kid pays attention and absorbs more than some kids, way. Our afternoons tend to go one of two ways, we are either out and about, which she loves, or we are staying home and doing some kind of activity, she is getting more use to this.

She loves being out but we cannot do that everyday so when we are stuck inside or mommy needs a quieter day, here are some of the things I have done to brighten hers.

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Water Fun – We do not have a pool, there is one down the street but we don’t have a personal one. Buggy loves the water! This kid would take a bath 10 times a day if you let her. So I have decided to indulge her once in a while. We get lots of different sized containers and sit on the patio and play with water. She loves moving the water from one container to the other. I love the look on her face when she gets wet.

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Finger Paints – I warn you this is messy! Some of my favorite times have been painting with her. She loves to get her hands messy and be creative. The first couple of times she didn’t like the feeling of the paint. Boy did she get over that quickly! Now we make masterpieces on a monthly basis. We always need new artwork for the fridge.

Coloring – Basic, I know, but one of the most important things for kids to learn. I love the fact that my daughter needs nothing more than crayons and a coloring book to keep her entertained, even if it is only for 5 minutes.

Learning Games – She is just getting into her counting and ABC’s. Some parents have told me we are behind in that; if we are, we are, but she is picking it up fast now. She loves showing mommy the right colors or numbers. She is not clear as a bell but she can count to three. I think that is pretty good for an 18 month old.

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Grocery Store – My grandmother bought buggy a tiny plastic shopping cart for her first birthday and she loves pushing it around. One day I thought why not set up a grocery store for her! So as we went through and emptied containers I would wash them out and not break them down for recycle. Within two weeks my daughter had her very own grocery store. When she gets older I plan on getting monopoly money and teaching her about math as well as number with this!

Dress Up – My daughter is a girly-girl. She adores getting into my old plastic costume jewelry. She loves sorting it or trying to put it on. She loves the long necklaces and rings. I watch her like a hawk because I don’t want her putting anything in her mouth but it is so much fun to let her play in my stuff. It is always a new adventure for her. She tries on my shoes and LOVES my purses. I think it’s an awesome time.

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Dance Party! – There is nothing more my daughter loves then breaking it down and dancing! She actually likes the opening credits with music, of her favorite shows more than the shows themselves. We have a Roku box which has Pandora. I will turn on the toddler channel and dance with her for 30 minutes. She loves it and now recognized certain songs and can do the movements. Bonus this tires her out like no other and helps her nap!


Alone Play – Now this one might not make 100% sense but let me explain. In my humble opinion kids do not and should not need activities 24/7. One of the most important things for a kid to learn is how to self entertain. My daughter is great at this. Does she want me to play with her? Yes. Do I want to play with her? Always! But I ADORE the fact that my daughter can walk over to her blocks or her dollhouse and play all by herself. She entertains herself in the easiest ways. I gave her a stack of plastic cups last Friday and they are still keeping her entertained 4 days later. She gets such a sense of accomplishment when she does something by herself and can show mommy! It is a big benefit for both of us.

Those are just a couple of my activities for my buggy. What are some of your best activities for keep toddlers busy at home?

With Love,

The Perfectionist Mom

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