My Honest Solution for Helping my daughter’s Psoriasis

An Honest Soulution for my daughters Psoriasis

If you are a new reader, you can check back on my posts about my daughter having psoriasis here The Heartbreak of Psoriasis Part 1. Shortly after she was diagnosed, I was told about this company from my friend Kristin, The Perfectionist Mom, and decided to check them out.

I am not too particular when it comes to brands, but I did find one that I really, really like and wouldn’t do without unless I had to!

That brand I am speaking of is the Honest Company. You can find all their products right here

The Honest Company Product line.

The first items I ordered were their diapers and wipes.

She had diaper rash AND Psoriasis in the diaper area, and regular diapers were not cutting it. The Honest products are made from all natural plant based materials. No chemicals like ordinary products are. They even have CUTE diaper designs to choose from! Seriously, Honest Diapers; check them out! Within about 24 hours, her diaper rash cleared up and the Psoriasis areas started to clear. These new diapers and wipes definitely helped her already sensitive skin clear up. I was amazed!

Honest Company Diapers. They only kind my daughter can wear with her Psoriasis

Now we are in the beginning stages of potty training, so we have purchased some of the Honest Training Pants too! They run a bit small, but are super cute and have the same gentle effect.

A few months go by, I tell every new mom I can about this company because I am in love with their diapers and wipes and they did fantastic for my daughter. Then, the Psoriasis spread to her scalp…bad. I was told NOT to use ANY regular shampoos for babies. I was given RX shampoo…that made it worse and basically burned her irritated scalp. Next we were given another RX shampoo that did not harm her, but it was SO expensive! I used this for a week or 2, but it was so hard to try and keep it out of her little eyes. I decided to buy the Honest Shampoo + Body Wash and give it a try. To my surprise, this did not irritate her scalp at all. I use it every day now!

I also bought the Honest Bubble Bathbecause my poor baby had no bubbles because I was afraid to use anything. Her skin is so sensitive. Knowing how much I loved the other products, I bought this too! It was perfect and now my baby has bubbles to play with.

Honest Company Shampoo and Body wash - No stinging for my girl

I can honestly say that I am in love with so many of their products, and I choose a new one to try every chance I get. Here are some links to a few more items I have purchased, love and use all the time!

There are products you might not realize would irritate skin but they do. It is one of the challenges we face everyday with her Psoriasis. Here are just a couple of the products that I now consider life saving products.

First up, Honest Sunscreen – This is a must for her in Florida, especially on little ones and their sensitive skin!

Honest Company Sunscreen - Safe for skin with Psoriasis

Honest Sunscreen Stick SPF 30 – This was a great way to get that little face and ears without using the spray or cream, and it is quick and easy to use!

Honest Bug Spray – We live on 5 acres and often have to tend to the chickens and have a lot of wooded areas, which make for bugs. It’s a little greasy, but I use it often, especially over the summer when the biting bugs were at their worst. It’s a spritz not an aerosol, so its easy to use and it works!

Honest Company Bug Spray - Does not burn her skin with psoraisis

Honest Hand Sanitizer – You would never think of this but for a baby girl with such sensitive skin this all natural sanitizer, smells great and it works. It fits in my purse and I use it all the time. My daughter even likes to use it!

Honest Organic Breathe Easy Rub – We cannot use Vicks, nope not with her skin. This is a godsend with a sick toddler, enough said!

Honest Company Breath Easy Rub - No vicks with her skin so this is a lifesaver!

Honest Hand Soap – Hand soap that is natural, doesn’t dry my skin and smells great!

Honest Company hand soap. Great for everything and safe for any skin

I know this post is link heavy and I would give you links to everything I want to try, but you may as well just check out their website at because I seriously am going to try almost everything!

Please remember TODAY is “World Psoriasis Day”. Please, take a moment to educate yourself or someone else. It is a non-contagious skin condition that affects so many people. Strangely it is still so unknown to the general public. My daughter was diagnosed at 11 months old, which is very rare. I was diagnosed just a few short months after she was. Please, go to their website and take a few minutes to look through some of the information.


Brandy – The Not-So-Single Mom

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    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      We have it handy and ready! I may use it tonight since she has a bit of a cold right now! Let us know how it works for you.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Thanks for stopping by! It is definitely a challenge, especially now that she is a full gown toddler! Creams, lotions and ointments! Having some non-ex products that don’t make it worse are a life saver!

  • Jeanae

    I am so glad that you found a solution for your family! It is awful to watch a young child go through something like this. My 7 yr old has severe eczema, and it took quite a few months for us to locate non-toxic products that were effective.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      I’m sorry about your child, I know how you feel! Honest products don’t irritate my daughters skin, and I am SO happy I found them!

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Yikes! The scalp is my biggest issue with my daughter! It’s SO hard to combat! At least the Honest shampoo doesn’t irritate it more than it already is. I know a LOT of shampoos will irritate or dry out the skin that is already irritated. It doesn’t actually clear up the issue, but it helps that it can clean her hair and scalp without making it worse like some do! Let us know how it goes, I’d love to hear an adults side of the scalp Psoriasis and how Honest products do for you!

  • Erlene

    My hubby has to deal with psoriasis and I get eczema when I stress too much. Skin conditions can be difficult to deal with, so I’m glad you found a product that works for you.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      I’m happy to see so many people that know what Psoriasis is! I feel you on the stress and flare ups. I get it as does my daughter. Thanks for reading!


    That’s awesome you found a product that works for your little one:) Thank you for sharing this with us at Hump Day Happenings!

  • Alli

    My oldest son has had to deal with eczema since he was 18 months old. “He’ll grow out of it” all of those doctors said. No, he didn’t. He’s 27 and when we found a cream that helped, they changed the formula and it began to burn and make it worse, just like all the rest. Walmart pharmacy special orders the old formula and keeps it for us. So glad you’ve found a product that helps your daughter.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Wow thats crazy! Skin conditions are a tough one. The skin is SO tough yet SO sensitive. I totally understand! Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow!

  • Sahana

    Great that you found honest products and it is helping your daughter. Thank you for linking up at Home matters link up party. We would love to see you again next wednesday.

  • daisym

    My daughter used to have severe psoriasis, and when the outbreaks were really bad, we used the Somaluxe Argan Oil directly on the outbreaks, and that made them heal faster for her. After using it for sometime, her psoriasis became less. Good luck to you !

  • Tara

    I am really sorry for your daughter. I know how it is – I’ve been dealing with it since I was a child. The disease itself is one problem, but the social stigma (kids in school can be really mean) is equally bad. And then you can’t really go to the beach or have a sunbath. It can be really hard for a kind, in a psychological way. Unfortunately, there is no immediate cure, from my experience you need to learn to live with it. Here is my personal website – where I write about natural ways to treat psoriasis, like diet, oils or herbs. You are welcome to visit 🙂 Best!

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