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social media for moms and bloggersSince creating MOMentous Moms, we have set up LOTS of social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and now Instagram, all for different reasons. We have discovered the amazing ways each of these different tools helps us connect with other moms across the world. When we started our accounts, we did what most people do and invited our friends and families to like our pages. We got about 45 followers on each mostly because our mothers, friends, and grandmothers were curious as to what we were up to. We then started to look into other blogs and found an entirely new reason for creating these sites, community.

Please let us share our favorite reasons for each site and why we hope you will follow us on all of them.

Facebook: The all mighty Facebook; almost everyone we know is on it. Why is this a great tool for moms and bloggers? You can stay connected and engaged so easily! It encompasses entire conversations in one convenient place. You can ask questions, see photos, and get links to each blog individually. The timeline feature helps so you can see and absorb a ton of information in a very short time span. There are also entire communities for not only moms but bloggers too! Bloggers Get Social is one of those groups. From these amazing women, we have learned the power of our words and how to get those words out to thousands of people. We have learned the power of a post and what a community of bloggers can do for us.  We found entire Facebook groups who support each other and share each other’s content. We also found women who were willing to help us so that we could achieve the original goal we had for this site from the very beginning, community. Just remember you should ENGAGE, or you will not be using Facebook to its full potential.

Twitter: Before MOMentous Moms we thought Twitter was, well, kind of pointless. Now we understand the power. Unlike Pinterest or Facebook, where if you like a bunch of people your feed will get bogged down, Twitter is the opposite! The more the merrier! You can create lists of like-minded Tweeters (don’t know if that is a technical term). All your blogging gurus can be on one list and all of your mommy friends on another. We get to read about all kinds of amazing things happening not only in our “Mommy world” but over the entire world as a whole. Mommy blogging on Twitter has re-opened the world to us, long past pacifiers and potty-training. Every day we get to read about issues and ideas that are important to women in general. The lifespan of a tweet is short so new information is constantly coming at you.  

Pinterest: Are you a cooking/baking goddess? Were you born with the DIY gene? How about the gifts of fashion and beauty? NO?? Well, that’s okay because that is what Pinterest is for! It is not only a way to find, keep and hold your best inspirations but, for bloggers to share your stories. This is the best tool for your readers to figure out who you are aside from your blog. This lets them into not only the stories you want to tell, but they also get tons of information based on what you pin. Moms find a source of community, even though the women you are sharing ideals and ideas with are thousands of miles away. There is always someone who is like-minded. Use Pinterest for discovering not only your mom community but finding crafts for your kids, family night ideas, recipes to make, places to travel and new techniques of parenting. Pinterest gives us inspiration for not only blogging but, for everyday life!

Instagram: We are very new to Instagram, we are not going to lie. The expression – a picture is worth a thousand words comes to mind. On Instagram, you experience just that. It is clean and pure in our opinion. There are no links; no ways to get bogged down by advertisements, just clean, pure, photography! Think of it as a way to get a sneak peek behind the curtain of a person’s life. Sure they are moments people chose to share but that means they are special moments you are being let in on. I think that is why we love this new form of expression. We can let our readers get a small taste of us without the clutter.

As a mother or blogger, social media is something, if done properly, that can open up a whole new world for you. If you let yourself get bogged down in the opinions of others, it can be a total disaster but, when used as a source for information, it can empower you. If you follow us, you will discover that you are never alone in the way you want to raise your child, whichever ways that might be.  We want to provide a place where parents can find not only advice from a diverse set of moms but also, a place they can ask questions, share and most importantly not feel judged. We want you to know it is okay to make any choice you want for your family, you are a good parent, even if sometimes you feel the total opposite. That is why we share so much from other bloggers, everyone is different and you never know whose story you will connect with.

After meeting all of these amazing people who are willing to open up their lives to you and share their stories, you may become inspired to do the same. If you do, we have some advice; find a group of like-minded people to help you grow. You will have tons of questions. We did and STILL DO. Do not be afraid to take that plunge and figure out how to grow your blog and get your words out there.

If you are a new blogger and have been following us, or are someone who thinks you might be interested in beginning a blog, come get a taste of this awesome community and party with us on Twitter!



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