Teething! 6 Effective Teething Remedies!

charlee teethingTerrible, terrible, teething. My daughter is almost 19 months old and has a complete mouth full of teeth, well almost complete. She popped everything very early and often multiples, at the same time. I remember one night she was just screaming the entire night while I was holding her. I finally put her down around 3am and by 7am she had four molars that popped up. I thought that was the worst. Then came the canines and eyeteeth. If you do not know which ones those are they are the pointy sharp little jerks that make your baby absolutely miserable and take FOREVER to actually puncture their gums. While you are waiting they cause what must be immeasurable pain, swelling and lot of tears.

We have a happy, healthy little girl. TONS of people say she is the happiest baby they have ever met. She rarely kicks up and when she does it is usually because of a missed nap. Well, this has all changed and my little girl is now a little monster. For the last 5 days she has been miserable! I mean a never wanting to be put down, crying all the time, not eating, not sleeping monster! I have gotten at best 3 hours of sleep each night this week. I know that a lot of you are thinking, “Goodness just turn the monitor off and let her cry!” The problem is this is not just a cry, it is a shriek like someone is killing her. I can hear it all the way in the back of the house with the bedroom door closed. If I can hear it I KNOW anyone walking by can hear it.

We have used all of the old tactics, and before they worked with her teething pain, I will share what worked best in one moment, but that was one or two days at most, we are going on two weeks and it is only getting worse. I think we might be at an impasse here. What is a mom to do when you know your little one is miserable and nothing is working?!?

Now before, when she was younger, the good tried and true methods worked. We could give her teething rings. They are fantastic. Stick them in the fridge or freezer and it worked like a charm. I highly recommend the MAM cooler. It saved us during her molars. It is long so it gets to the back teeth very well and is really easy for her to hold.

We also did use Highlands Teething tablets. I read some stuff online about them causing problems but checked it out thoroughly before giving them to my daughter. They were pulled off the shelves a couple years ago and came back out with no problems. They are back and better than ever no problems! They worked wonders for her, unfortunately not so much this time.

Only for the molars did we use Infant Tylenol and only on the advice of our pediatrician. She was actually getting sick from the pain and our doctor said give it to her. As long as you follow the proper dosage she will be okay, and it really took the edge off to help her sleep. This time she told us to try Ibuprofen because it helps with swelling, which is horrible this time, and Tylenol does not. I hate giving her meds but I found this great kind at Walgreens and she seems to respond really well to it, and there is no gross dye!

So we have tried all of the old remedies. Nothing is working! So we have decided to try some new tactics.

The art of distraction has been our best friend. If its daylight and not raining we are outside. We are walking, playing with bubbles, swimming pretty much anything I can do to distract her from the fact that she is miserable. If its dark out we are watching TV. I know its horrible but my daughter has watched more Care Bears, Sesame Street and Word World in these two weeks then in her entire life. Normally she is not a cuddler, she is a mover, but lately she is more than happy to sit on my lap, zone out and chew on anything she can get her hands on.

She is older now and not really all about the frozen washcloths or teethers. Once in a while I can still get away with the MAM teether but its rare. My solution…smoothies! She has not been hungry either; I am assuming it hurts to eat, so smoothies have become our best friend. It not only fills her tummy but also soothes her swollen gums.

Lastly, giving her extra emotional support. We have been trying, very successfully, to break the pacifier and blanky habit. We had her down to just “friends” going everywhere with us, now her entourage has expanded to include a blanket and pacifier. This is all new since the pain started. I was taking them away and causing myself to brace for a total meltdown every time, I have decided to pick my battles. If she needs the extra support while she’s not feeling well why take that away from her.

For now I am working on very little sleep and an even shorter fuse but there is not a whole lot I can do about that. My advice is to try everything and hopefully something will work for you. We just need to batten down the hatches and hope this storm of tears and tantrums sweeps through quickly. I am not hopeful but for her sake I try to be positive.


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