Hot Mess to Hot Mom in 5 Minutes

From Hot Mess to Hot Mom in 5 Minutes!

I will apologize now if you are one of those mom’s who can go to school pick up, soccer practice, and the grocery store looking totally put together with all 4 of your kids in tow; because I kind of hate you….just a little. I used to look at those women in the stores and wonder why can’t I look like that. It would make me self-conscious when I would be in yoga pants and a t-shirt with my hair looking like a bird’s nest and my face as far from flawless as it gets. I used to be so pretty when I was younger and over the years as the children came and pounds packed on I felt like I was sinking into that frumpy mom mode. That isn’t me. I was getting completely lost in the every day shuffle and not remembering that I feel good when I take pride in my appearance.  I realized that I couldn’t hate the other mom’s who look so put together; instead I need to be put together too.

I wear nice clothes, high heels, makeup, and always have my hair done every day for work but then when I get home the first thing I do is climb right into the most unattractive pajamas ever and I just don’t care. There has to be a middle ground when it comes to things like grocery shopping and running errands. I have found some incredibly helpful tips that take no time at all for those mom’s that are like me and wish they could look a little more put together when out in public. We might be moms but that doesn’t mean we can’t still turn a head or two.

I am definitely not one to spend an hour on makeup, no way. I take about 5 minutes for the every day basics. If you only have time for concealer and lip-gloss then you’re ahead of the game already. Evening out your skin and drawing attention to those lips are great ways to look like model mama at the grocery store without wasting any time at all. Whether it’s running late for work or having to grab both kids and spend 2 hours at Target, with a few of my essentials I don’t feel like I am missing anything anymore. I am comfortable and confident in my own skin and that is what is important.

My essentials include concealer, mascara, and color Chap Stick. I am very finicky about my skin and I always feel like the skin on my face is so uneven and blah. No matter what anyone else says I know that my skin is something that I can get self-conscious about so I take a minute or 2 to enhance that area. I am a fan of Bare Minerals powder concealer because it goes on light and quick and I don’t need to mess with a lot of gunk. In 60 seconds or less I feel like a whole new person just by seeing my face without the flaws. Next is the mascara. I am a huge fan of wearing mascara. It’s my go-to piece of makeup. I have tried all kinds from the expensive ones that they only sell at specialty stores, to the ones that you can only buy online. I must say that the mascara that I constantly go back to is the classic Maybelline Great Lash. Every woman knows this mascara if you just say the pink tube with the green top. It’s probably the cheapest but it definitely works wonders for me. Mascara has a way of brightening up the eye and making any eye color pop. It’s a great way to spend 2 minutes getting ready. The last must-have for me is colored chap stick, smooth lips with a tint of color to run out the door with.

Hot Mess Mom’s tips for looking put together in under 10 minutes:

Color Chap Stick instead of lip-gloss. Baby soft lips with a hint of pink without all the goop that your hair can get caught in when the wind blows make all the difference.

Sunglasses and lipstick. I remember watching something on the Style channel when I was a kid about how lipstick is the perfect accessory and now I know why. Sunglasses take care of the top half and lipstick takes care of the bottom half. Literally 30 seconds.

High bun instead of low pony.  Think of Audrey Hepburn.

Boring vs Beautiful Hair!

Please remember that these are just my personal go-to tips for looking put together and polished in no time. There are plenty of ways to take 5 minutes to get the confidence that you had before you were in constant mommy mode. If your like me and needed a bit of a refresher, I hope this helped =)

With Love,

The Hot Mess Mom

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