Our Holiday Line-Up, without Daddy

brandy holiday line upWell, this year my husband will not be home for the holidays. The way his work schedules pan out, he is usually home every other year for big holidays and events. Last year he was home for most of them, this year he will not be. Talk about a bummer.


Thanksgiving will be the first big event he will not be home for. Well, actually his flight out is ON Thanksgiving Day. Talk about an even bigger bummer! Not only will we not be able to celebrate and eat like crazy together, but also he will have to start his 20+ hour travel journey on that day. That means my daughter and I will probably end up eating at home, the airport or a restaurant. In the event that we have friends with room for her and I, then we will join them. So far, we have no plans for that yet.

Following Turkey Day is my birthday and our 4th wedding anniversary, at the beginning of December. I will be the big 3-0 and we will pass the 4-year mark being married. We have only spent one anniversary together, and that was last year. We will get on FaceTime together and talk, but that will be the extent of those events. I doubt I will be hiring the baby sitter to go out for either date; it’s just not the same without him. MAYBE just MAYBE I can make a girls night for my birthday, but once again…no plans. His unfortunate work schedule leaves me waiting until the last minute to plan things out.

Next is Christmas. We really enjoy spending this holiday together, just our little family of 3, even though not for religious reasons. We are not religious by any means, but the holiday calls for family time and we enjoy having an extra special day together. We like to spend the morning together just the 3 of us, then after all the crazy is over, head out to see family or have them come over, if anyone happens to be in town. This year, since hubby will be gone, I have decided to drive to my parent’s house in North Carolina. It’s a very long drive, about 13 hours with stopping. I have hired a house sitter to take care of my house and all of our animals, and my daughter and I will make the journey alone. At least I will have family with me for the holiday, so we don’t have to be alone. Because of the 5-6 hour time difference between where he is and where we are, I plan on having him on FaceTime Christmas morning. He will be 5-6 hours ahead of us, so if he isn’t working at that time, I will try and have him on live so he can be “with” us for the morning craziness.


Another thing we may do while we are up there is take a drive and go skiing. It would be a 1-3 hour drive, but it would mean that I actually get to see real snow. I’m a trueborn and raised Floridian who has never seen REAL snow, much less been anywhere near a place to go skiing. I think my daughter would enjoy the snow too, so if it happens, I will have a great follow up post about that experience!

New Years was big for me in my “younger” days, but now it’s really not. I like to stay in, eat snacks and watch the ball drop on TV…if I can stay up that late! I always set an alarm in case I fall asleep before the drop. That is how I plan on spending the New Year this time around as well, unless someone insists that something bigger takes place!


The Not-So-Single Mom

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  • Lady Lilith

    Sorry to hear about your husband.
    I remember growing up, my father also had a crazy work day. As kids we had to make the best with what we had. It was being together that made us happy.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Thanks! Growing up my dad was a police officer, so I had a similar situation then as well…so I am no rookie to this. I think its much harder on my husband than it is on me most of the time.

  • The Not-So-Single Mom

    Same here! My dad was a police officer and some holidays he was either just getting home and still in uniform, or home on a “quick break” or heading out the door. I grew up the same way, so this isn’t totally new to me. It’s harder on my husband I think.

  • Amy Albers

    So sorry to hear that you will be apart, but it seems like you have a great attitude and are determined to make the best of it! Here’s hoping you will be together for everything next year!

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Wow, that is harder than our situation. My husband isn’t army, but he def has an odd job in a foreign country, which right now is making things even more stressful.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Yes! Thank goodness for today’s technology! That and a family that will let me bombard their home so I do not have to be alone. =)

  • MrsTee

    Spending Holidays apart can be really hard. Have you ever had makeup Holidays? When my Hubby was deployed we would have an all in one day of Holiday makeups when he came home. It was fun and the kids had a blast! Just and idea 😀 Wishing you the best… xo

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      No, we haven’t done that, but it’s a great idea! My daughter is only 2, so she wouldn’t really understand just yet, but maybe next year if he’s gone again we can do that. It sounds like fun!

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      I totally understand! Thats why I am driving to my parents house 13 hours away. My mom will have the house decorated and be in the spirit, that way we can just join in, instead of trying to get into it here when it just doesn’t feel right.

  • Just Jeanae

    I am a military wife, and I know the possibilities of this scenario all too well. You can maybe look for ways to make the day fun, and still create a special time when the entire family can celebrate. It worked for us to drive home how fortunate we are as a family – – “you’ll get more than one Christmas celebration, and Daddy loves the family, even when he has to be away.”

  • Bernadyn Nettles (B)

    Hi, stopping by from Social Media Saturday! So sorry that your hubby won’t be there with you all for all these upcoming big events. It’s great there’s things like face time to get in touch and for your daughter to see his face through the next weeks. I think that would be a great idea to celebrate all those events once he gets back, something special just for your family without all the other chaos around you! I was raised in Florida also and have only seen snow once when we went to New York a few years ago. My son loved playing in the snow, your daughter will probably enjoy it, as well!

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