Thanksgiving Hypocrisy?

Before Christmas comes Thanksgiving! People and businesses seem to forget this. 

Black Friday...I don't get it

 Does this bother you? What do you think about stores not closing on Thanksgiving? Do you go Black Friday shopping? What do you think about the stores opening earlier and earlier on Thursday as opposed to waiting? 

The Perfectionist Mom – It does bother me! I know that people get very excited for Christmas; I am one of them for sure! BUT I think we need to give each holiday its equal time. There is a very specific reason I feel this way…we RUSH though life lately. I have noticed, especially since having a child, our life is moving at a pretty good clip and weeks fly by faster than we realize. When it comes to special times like holidays we need to slow down and take notice. These are special times to be with loved ones and relax, even if you are running around like a crazy person with your hair on fire. I have shopped and worked in the mall on Black Friday. All I can say is, it is, well, interesting. I think corporate America is forgetting the people who work in their stores. They have families and they would like to be home during those special times. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I go into a store in October and see Christmas stuff lining the shelves! Second biggest is when I see a commercial and their big announcement is “opening even earlier this Thanksgiving!” You will not be getting my business because I will be home with my family recovering from an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.

The Not-So-Single Mom – When I was younger, Black Friday was just that. FRIDAY. As the years passed, the stores opened earlier and earlier and then moved into opening on Thursday. I do not agree. I used to tag along on Friday with my mom, which is something I DO NOT do anymore. Not only is it utter chaos both days, but also I believe that even retail workers should be able to spend Thursday with their families. I know that some places must be open, and those willing to work should be compensated well. I have been that person working on Thanksgiving, I know how it feels and I do not wish that upon anyone. Let as many people have the day off as possible and compensate those willing to work that day. Black Friday shouldn’t start at midnight. I think back in the day, 6am was good. We as humans sometimes need that extra special push to spend quality time with our loved ones lets not ruin that. I just don’t think battling crazies and chaos to get a “good deal” is worth my headache or the employees having to deal with it!

The Hot Mess Mom – I love Fall and everything that’s in it including Thanksgiving. I feel like it’s a holiday that has been lost in the shuffle due to Halloween and Christmas being such big decorating holidays. I always have the hardest time finding things for Thanksgiving because as soon as Halloween is over, out comes every piece of Christmas décor the world has ever seen. Thanksgiving has been skated over because it doesn’t make as much money as the other holidays. It’s sad; it is all about revenue and profit. We still make a big deal about Thanksgiving in our house no matter what. In fact that brings me to my next issue…. Black Friday. It makes me so incredibly angry that black Friday now starts the evening of Thanksgiving. Not only can I not participate in black Friday shopping because I will be cooking and eating during those hours but it completely takes away from this holiday that promotes family and togetherness. How can I compete with people who are willing to miss out on Thanksgiving all together to wait in line at 4pm on Thursday? I won’t risk my family for a sale. And shame on those stores that stay open all day and night on Thanksgiving. I could understand opening for a few hours in the morning but all day and night is just unfair. Those workers have families too.

The Naturalist Mom – I think that corporate America is taking away from what holidays are all about. It’s sad to have anyone work on a national holiday like Thanksgiving for the sake of a deal. I have gone out as support for a family member on Black Friday, but that’s the extent of it. I’ve shopped later on in the afternoon on black Fridays before. Overall, it’s sad it’s becoming earlier and earlier each year. I don’t agree with it.

What do you think about the disappearance of the Thanksgiving holiday? Does Black Friday bother you?


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  • Erlene

    I actually don’t mind Black Friday if the stores actually open on Friday and not on Thanksgiving. I don’t like the idea of stores not closing on Thanksgiving and letting people spend time with family. I worked in retail for many years and since I was salaried, it was required that I work 6 days a week (I did get comp days the following year) and always hated the holiday season because it meant a lot of time away from home/family during a time when there were so many family activities that were missed.

    • The Perfectionist Mom

      I agree. I just wish they could move it to a different day or keep it on that day and not let it leak into Thursday, Thanksgiving. When I worked it I actually liked seeing people get so happy over the prices they found but the fact that so many people have to leave their families because of it makes me upset. Thanks for visiting!

  • Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama

    Thanksgiving was created in the 1860s to assist bringing the end of the civil war, so it’s not that old of a holiday. Secondly, Friday afterwards IS letting Thanksgiving have it’s own holiday before Xmas shopping, and with Christmas stuff being out in October, it takes a long time to move around stores, and I like decorating early, so I’m more than ok with that portion. While I am extremely Thankful for what I have, it’s not like I’m using Thanksgiving to shop for myself… I’m shopping for OTHERS, so I don’t feel like it’s Hypocritical at all. But, I won’t be shopping on thanksgiving day, at all. Most of my holiday shopping is amazon!

    • The Perfectionist Mom

      If they could just keep everything till after Thanksgiving, like not open Thanksgiving night that would be fine with me. I just don’t like the fact that people have to leave their families or they could loose their jobs. That is the part that really bothers me deeply. I seem to be shopping more and more online as well! Cyber Monday!

  • Ricci

    I have only shopped on Black Friday a few times but that was when it was Friday. Now that it’s on Thursday I think it’s disgusting. I work in a hospital and hate having holidays away from my family. I couldn’t imagine working retail and having to miss Thanksgiving. YUCK!

    • The Perfectionist Mom

      My mother in law works in a hospital as well and she always hates leaving for work on holidays. It stinks for the entire family. Just remember the work you do is SO important. Working retail stinks around this time for sure!

    • Yvie

      Having been stuck in the hospital on a holiday (Christmas Eve, not Thanksgiving), let me offer up my thanks to you and everyone else working in the hospital on these holidays. Yes, it’s difficult to be away from your families, but it was good folks like you that saved my son. If everyone had been home with their families, I may not have my own today. The work you do is meaningful. I think the retail folks should have the opportunity to stay home with their families….sales can be suspended for an evening. But please, let’s keep the nurses in the hospitals. THANK YOU!

  • Shannon

    This will be the first Thanksgiving and Black Friday in over 5 years that I won’t be working a retail job. I will actually get to spend the few days with family and will definitely not be out shopping!

  • BritishMumUSA

    I am British, living here for the last 22 years. I love Thanksgiving and get very upset when I am in a store before the holiday and only see Christmas things. So annoying. This year Christmas was up before Halloween had even happened. Next thing we will have Christmas up right after 4th July!!!! We celebrate one holiday at a time….

  • MRS. AOK

    I love Thanksgiving. I agree Thanksgiving has almost become obsolete 🙁
    Your picture is adorable and says it all about where we are now as a society.
    Thank you.
    p.s Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday.

  • Gilly

    Hi – The baby pic and sentiment, made me laugh and nod in agreement. I’m an Expat -originally from the UK, so Thanksgiving is relatively new to my family. That being said, we love the whole concept of Thanksgiving. The idea that everyone across the USA whatever their culture, background and religion, is celebrating at the same time, is such an amazing feeling. So it is unnerving and very sad that this is being undermined by the need to sell and shop and separate families. Great to meet you through the Monday Mommy blog hop.Gilly

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