Naked, Photoshopped, Unrealistic to the Masses…You know which Photos I’m talking about!

Naked, Photoshopped, You know which photos I'm talking about

Let’s be real-

I have had time to stew on this. I’ve thought out how I felt about it and really- I am not mad. Let me preface that this post by stating that. I’m more saddened than anything. Recently, Mrs. West “broke the internet”. Yes, I’m talking about that viral photo (or should I say photos) of Kim Kardashian-West posing on the cover of a magazine.



Unrealistic to the masses.

Granted, she has only had one child. She is beautiful all made up. She DOES look amazing in the photographs I see of her walking down the street on those grocery store magazines and E! news. I celebrate her beauty and all that she has “accomplished”, because I do not walk in her shoes. I do not know what she deals with or the depth of her hard work. I’ve never lived a millisecond in her life (other than creepily watching KUWTK). Some days, I wish I could be made up like that, even for an hour (oh, to dream)- not to mention find the time to spend 3 hours a day in the gym with a chef to cook my meals.

What I am irritated by is the misconception it projects- painting this, unattainable to most, portrait of what a post-partum body should look like. Not everyone bounces back like a rubber band after having a baby. And, for me, that certainly has not happened after three. It’s taken me a year to even be able to relish in the accomplishments of birthing a child, and that is five years after having the first.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. It is to be celebrated in all shapes and sizes. While I am happy that the photograph makes the new Mrs. West happy and satisfied in her accomplishments, as a “role model” it doesn’t make many feel good. I say this with the best intentions. In the real world there are stretch marks. Breastfeeding mamas lose elasticity in their breasts and they sure don’t hang like they used to. And if they do for you… God Bless you and your damn genetics.

Personally, Mrs. West, what would impress me is doing a cover shoot au natural. Flaws and all. They are to be embraced and held in such a regard. Your body made a human from cells not seen by the naked eye. It created a human being, it grew the most magnificent system that works in such a meticulous manner and maintains such a balance that it never will be completely understood. I want mama’s to understand that making a human is so much more than the demand society puts on us to bounce back to what our body “used to be”. Realistically that will never happen. We will NEVER be what we once were before. You’ve done something so amazing, so spectacular, so incredible. Appreciate the power, the possibility and the gift you created with that body.

In whatever shape, size or condition it may be in.

Xo- The Naturalist Mama

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  • Sonya

    I thought the cover was a bit much. It is sad that we have so many images of women after having babies with their perfect bodies that have been photoshopped. I know that it is unrealistic for most to bounce back at the same rate as celebrities do. However, there are a few realistic examples that I’m happy to see. I loved it that Selma Hayke (I probably spelled that wrong) took her time in losing her baby weight and was completely honest about the state of her body. I also, loved it that she said that breastfeeding did not make her lose all her baby weight. I’ve breastfeed two kids for two plus year each and it is not a magic weight loss solution. I does help a lot but it is not going to make you toned with a six pack. You are doing so serious working out (or being photoshopped)to get that perfect body.
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  • Nicole Keener

    My body hasn’t been back to normal since having my daughter 6 years ago, I have actually gained more weight and I hate it I have never been thin but just before I ha my daughter I had lost a whole bunch of weight and was finally happy with how I look.Then I got pregnant. I hate looking at the mirror, there is so much going on in my day that I sometimes forget to eat and going n the treadmill becomes secondary when I have so many due dates for school. *sigh*
    Nicole Keener recently posted…Blogmas Day 1 &2My Profile

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