Potty Training-Our Step 1

Potty Training - Our Step One

Every mother, grandmother, friend and neighbor has their experience, thoughts, suggestions and information on how to potty train a child. Honestly, I listen and take in everything everyone says but ultimately, I have listened to my child. Not verbally of course, but in the way she acts. I have been through helping to potty train a toddler before. It may have been about 13 years ago, but I remember bits and pieces of what we did for them. But, like I said, I have just taken the cues from my child more than going “by the book”. I wanted to share with you our trials and errors, and what is working for us. Maybe you can take some of what we have done and try it in your own house.

So I had this grand idea that I would start potty training at 15 months and she would be done by the age of 2. Well we started off strong; she went in her potty a few times, then totally refused to sit on it! There goes my grand idea…but also made me realize I just need to listen to her and watch her cues. I tired again around 18 months, and we basically had the same outcome.

Then she turned 2. She was LOVING to sit on HER potty, but wasn’t going. I tried to change it up. I bought a little seat that goes on the adult potty so she can sit on it. We went for WEEKS sitting on it with absolutely no actual pee or poo in the big potty. Finally, I did what I didn’t want to do, and brought her little potty into the living room. Luckily we have no carpet downstairs, so if she were to have an accident it wouldn’t be a big deal. This was exciting for her, more sitting…and pretending to go.

Potty in the Living Room

Next, I got super brave. Instead of just taking her diaper off and taking scheduled potty breaks, I just let her run with no diaper on. Yes, we had some accidents. I had to laugh. She would tinkle a little on the floor and tell me, I would run over and quickly sit her on her potty and she would go in the potty a little more. Then not 15 minutes later she would repeat that! It was like she was going a little bit and then holding it in. I assume this is just a natural way for them to begin to understand what’s going on.

Now, I have to say the past 3 weeks have been AWESOME and the past week even more AWESOME. I started to tell her “No pee pee on the floor” and she would repeat me. I would make her take potty breaks every 30 minutes or so…then she went! Boy oh boy did I do the happy potty dance and get so super excited. She LOVED the attention! She also got a few M&M’s for going potty…which we call “surprises”. She quickly began to run over and go pee pee on her own! This went on with NO accidents for nearly 2 weeks. Of course, step one has been ALL at home.

Then it was time for daddy to return from over seas. As soon as we got home from the airport, I took her diaper off and reminded her not to go on the floor. I ask her “What time is it?” and she responds “ninite time”. It’s awesome. So, my husband being tired from 26 hours of travel asked her the same question after I left the room and her answer was “pee pee potty!” and she ran over and went! She was SO excited to show daddy what she could do. It has just been better and better since that night. Not only diaper-less, but I have also started pull ups and tell her “no pee pee in your pull ups” and she actually tells us when she needs to go. We have had a few wet pull ups, but she tells me as soon as she does it. We even had one diaper-free night that I had stepped outside the house to put the chickens up for the night and my husband went to the garage for a drink and when he walked back in…she was SO excited to tell him she did a poo poo in her potty! Not even prompted to, she went and was so proud. It seems to be full steam ahead right now and I cannot wait for step 2. I think step 2 for us will be taking breaks in public places like the grocery store and shopping adventures. I will be sure to update after a few of those adventures, trials, errors and WINS!

Do you have any advice for taking her in public?

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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