Awesome Organic Beauty Products – Dolphin Organics!

If you have read any of my past post you know that I am one Natural Mama who really likes to find products that suit a healthy lifestyle. I hate un-needed chemicals and the things they do to our bodies. It is one area of consumerism that people honestly don’t think about that often and really you should. Things like shampoo and conditioner, lotion and makeup are things, which you place directly on your skin everyday. Any chemicals contained in these products go right into your body. While in this search I found Dolphin Organics and they were nice enough to send me an amazing swag bag.

Awesome Beauty Products - Dolphin Organics

What is amazing about Dolphin Organics is they are a plant derived product which are all natural and organic. Inspired by wanting a better, healthier lifestyle for their family- Dolphin Organics was born. I find that it is a perfect “transition” product for the individual looking to go from commercial to organic. That is rare to find on the market these days.

They have a line designed as organic beauty products especially for babes. I was able to test out the Dolphin Organics Fragrance Free Shampoo and Conditioner. It is by far the best that I have tried on the market. What I loved about the products was it was super sensitive on my babies skin. My boys have a thick head of dark, sometimes coarse, hair that can dry with most shampoos. My daughter’s hair is growing in quite thick now a days. The Dolphins Organic Shampoo and Conditioner did not have a greasy residue or cause excessive dryness. The conditioner was not heavy, which is important to me as well. The last thing any Mama wants to do is leave product in their babies’ hair. It applied and was able to be removed very easily. Another plus is that it is 100% fragrance free and without any irritants. Again, a SUPER plus for babies’ sensitive skin. We also sampled The Shampoo & Body Wash- Simply Citrus as well as the Dolphin Organic Bubble Bath- Simply Citrus. Both products had a refreshing smell, had a zero residue and left my kiddos smelling fresh, clean and naturally moisturized. We rounded out bath time with Dolphin Organics Hypoallergenic Lotion- Simply Citrus. This is the main product that SUPER impressed me. I tend to give my littles mini massages to help them rest well. I expected that the lotion would naturally soften my kiddos skin, however, MY hands were left INSANELY soft for hours after they were in bed. Not to mention even after I did the dishes. Sure, it’s a great product for the kids- but this nursing student who washes her hands at least a 100 times a day really appreciates a product that keeps in natural moisture without the oily, greasy or layered feel many products leave behind.

The company did not fail to include Mama in their bag of love. I received organic beauty products from their line of DO Naturals. I was presented with detangler, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm and sunscreen! I was really impressed by their detangler. I have a thick head of hair. And I mean thick. I can comb my hair and within 5 minutes it kinks back up with knots. I found the detangler did an amazing job at successfully taming my mane as well as being light enough to maintain my frizz but leave my natural wave and curl. The berry scent was divine as well. I am not usually a fragrant person, but these products were without the harsh headache most leave behind.

Dolphin Organics Products

I really appreciate a product that has integrity and honesty. I find that Dolphin Organics does just that. It’s rare to find these qualities in a company without sacrificing standards for financial gain. I appreciate what Dolphin Organics is doing for the environment and what they are bringing to households, normalizing the organic and all natural lifestyle, exceeding my expectations in comparison with many “all-natural” products. Thank you for all that you “DO”!

*** Although I received these products for review all views expressed are my own***


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