We Survived the holidays, Without Daddy!

We survived the holidays Without DaddyIf you haven’t read, take a quick glance at how I had planned out our holidays; with my husband being gone, it will help explain everything.

My plans and what actually happened aren’t too far apart, surprisingly. Usually things never go as planned. Thanksgiving was the first of the big holidays to come around. My husband actually flew out THAT day to go to work. Of course, that really put a damper on things, but as it turns out, my good friends and ex-neighbors decided to celebrate Friday this year instead for personal reasons, and we were invited to join them. It was super sweet of them to let us join in on their family celebration. They are basically family to me anyway, so it was nice to know we fit there with them as well.

Next was my birthday…I wasn’t thrilled about turning 30, that’s for sure. I went to lunch that day with some lovely ladies and then ate pizza for dinner. I woke up the next day with a carb-overload headache! I was literally hung-over from eating so many carbs in one day. My insulin was probably through the roof. After some good rest and Tylenol, I was okay. That weekend I got to go out to dinner with all 3 lovely ladies from the old neighborhood, child and husband free. Of course, we didn’t leave any of them out of the conversations. I think it is just a woman’s instinct to talk about her man or her children.

I am going to skip our wedding anniversary part and jump right into Christmas. Turns out, I didn’t have to make the drive alone. First my 15-year-old niece was going to join me. Perfect, great company for a long drive and an extra set of hands to help with my daughter. Then, maybe three days before heading out, my sister asked if there was room for her as well! Her sweet husband insisted they do Christmas early at their house so that she could come with us, and he stay home and tend to the house and animals. What a relief, an extra driver AND more awesome company! Turns out, my sister drove the entire ride up AND back!

snow bunny

My mom was the only one who knew my sister was coming, so my dad and my other niece were very surprised to see her pull up in my car. It was a nice surprise for them. My dad works for the U.S State Department and has been working in Pakistan for months. He is home on some R&R and it was great that almost the entire family got to see him before he heads back over.

Christmas eve, Santa had some little elves to wrap presents and place them under the tree. Thank goodness, because being 30 is tiring and having teenagers, I mean elves, around to help is great! Christmas morning I was the FIRST one awake, and even before the sun. I was so anxious for the kids to get up! My daughter, the 2 year old, was the LAST to get up! I basically had to wake her up. Just before I went in to get her, I called my husband on FaceTime and asked my niece to hold the computer so he could see her come out to the tree. It was sweet. She was happy to see daddy, but she didn’t get her 10 minutes after waking up so she didn’t really want to talk to anyone else for a bit. He watched her open all of her presents, despite having poor internet connection and sketchy volume. She wanted to show him everything she so carefully opened. It took a few gifts, but she eventually got excited to open them, yet was still very careful and made sure to hand the paper to someone as not to make a mess, hehe. I am sure next year will probably not be so clean! So, it was happy and sad, because daddy got to be part of it, even if it was half way around the world, while on a computer screen.

Showing Daddy Presents!

The Saturday following Christmas, my parents drove us to Gatlinburg, TN to the ski resort in hopes of giving us the opportunity to ski or snowboard. Unfortunately, it was about 50 degrees outside, so they only had the learners slope open, because they had to make snow. Both my teenage nieces went ahead and took the snowboard class and played on the slope. It was awesome! They got the idea and next time, we will find TRUE snow and all go. I took my daughter to a play area for kids with homemade snow as well, and she of course loved it! Inside the building they had a big ice skating rink in the middle. Every time we passed it, she wanted to stop and watch and asked to go. Once the teenagers were done on the slopes, we headed to the rink. My 2 year old was able to walk in her ice skates with no help, which by itself was amazing!! I know some adults who have trouble with that! Then we headed onto the ice, and she had a BLAST! My sister and I helped her around and around. After a few times around, she was holding us, not us holding her. I took her on my own and let her fall a few times, which did not slow her down one bit! She loved every single second of it, and she cried when we told her it was time to leave. I HAVE to find a place at home now that allows toddlers and has toddler size skates so we can take her more often. We may have a little Olympic ice skater on our hands!

My future ice skater

Next was NYE! I wasn’t going to do anything, since we didn’t get home until late on the 29th, and I wanted some time to recover from my week at grandmas. Well, that plan didn’t work. I of course agreed to join my friends and ex-neighbors in the old neighborhood for a NYE party. I made cookies, queso and pigs in a blanket. I took on a dog-sitting job from the 31st to the 3rd, so I had all of my animals plus him to handle before going, and after cooking all day. I got everyone and everything situated and told my daughter since she had her big girl panties on all day, we weren’t changing that. Yes, we graduated to our potty training step 2 on NYE (and a few times before, but for good this time!) and I have to say, it was a success. More to come on step two very soon! We had a blast with good friends, she got to play with sparklers and see fireworks, which she absolutely loved! We watched the ball drop and I got to kiss my baby girl at the stroke of midnight! Then, we headed home for a couple of DAYS of some much needed sleep!

Happy New Year!

How was your holiday season? Did it go as you had planned?

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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