Work Out your Body

Running, Yoga, Weights, Squats, whatever your taste in working out is most women make the goal in the new year to get into shape.

 Work Out Your Body

What is your flavor of work out? Is this something you have done for a long time or will you be shaping up with most people this new year? What is your main motivator this year? How is it going heading into the second month of 2015?

The Perfectionist Mom – I have never stuck to one particular workout regime over a long period of time. I get so bored. Instead I like to mix it up. There are a couple exercises that always seem to fall into the mix though. I LOVE Yoga. I discovered it when I went to college and was trying to find a way to deal with my Fibromyalgia and stress. It worked wonders. I always try to do it some time during the week. I also really liked it when I was pregnant. I try to throw in some elliptical for cardio and weights. I am actually doing pretty well so far this year. I have a big motivation of trying to get fit for pregnancy so finger crossed!

The Hot Mess Mom– I get bored very easily when it comes to working out so I don’t have a lot of luck sticking with a routine or anything. I like to run outside but not inside and I really love kickboxing. I haven’t done it in a long time but have been thinking of getting back to it. I decided that I’m going to buy the Garmin vivo fit wristband. I like that it will force me to get up and be active throughout the day especially since I am in my office a lot. I know this sounds incredibly silly but besides having a weight loss goal of 40 pounds for the year, I would like to lose at least 10 by the beginning of March because we have planned this awesome family vacation to Disney and I don’t want to be so self conscious with all the photos 🙂

The Naturalist Mom – I enjoy a variety. I love getting outside and I love to sweat. I’m challenging myself to getting into running. I feel it will be a good self esteem booster and give me some me time. I’ve done it in the past, but stopped when I became preggo with c2. This time I have nothing holding me back but myself and I think through this semester I will need that release and time for mental clarity. My main motivator is ME. I’m ready to feel amazing about myself my clothes… being NAKED !!! It’s so important to feel well and happy with you, so that’s what’s pushing me. Have to love you before you can love anyone else!

The Not-So-Single Mom – I LOVE leg days with my trainer! My leg muscles are finally making a reappearance and I am loving it! Squats, lunges, etc. I may complain about it, but I secretly LOVE leg day! Since 2015 is our year to get fit and healthy for real this time, that is my motivator to keep going at it. I have been seeing my trainer for a year now, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Have you discovered any new work out loves this year? What is keeping you motivated??

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms

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