Balancing Social Media and Privacy: My Choice

Balancing Social Media and PrivacyMy life is all over Facebook

As many of you may realize, I use Facebook as a diary. Well, not exactly but my life is an open book, and I post about almost everything on the social media site, even more so now that I have a child…which is opposite of what some people think should happen. I have been trying to find a way to balance social media and our families privacy. In the end, I have my reasons for all my sharing let me try to explain…

I am a SAHM, my husband works away for 6 weeks at a time in another country, I have no family close by and a lot are actually very far away. Friends are not next-door or down the street anymore. Social media keeps me in touch with a lot of those people. Especially family that is far away. I like to make sure that our family is up to date on my daughter and what is going on in our lives. It’s not always convenient to just video chat or talk on the phone. Plus, I am not one to just sit and talk on the phone…except that random night I call my mom just to chat…but that’s a momma’s girl thing. =)

When my husband is away, he misses a lot. He can log on to Facebook and see pictures and notes about our day. We have a 6 hour time difference, so we don’t always get to talk daily, and usually it’s early in the morning for us, and evening for him. By the next day, I may forget something. The Internet is not always good where he is, so our time is often limited to important things and him talking to our daughter. It’s a good way for him to be able to just know what’s going on here when he is away, and he can find out when we are already in bed and he’s getting ready for work the next day.

My family is in South Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. His family is in Pennsylvania. My posts allow them to “stalk” me. They are able to keep up with how much my daughter is growing and the milestones she is hitting. We only get to see our families about once a year, so this helps them stay connected with us. It helps them to know what’s going on so when they do get to see us, not everything is a surprise or overwhelming.

I feel connected. I feel like friends and family are near when I am online. I am able to relate and connect with people I otherwise wouldn’t. I can’t lie; it gets lonely here all alone with a toddler, sometimes not speaking to another adult for days at a time. Facebook allows me to stay connected and reconnect with friends from high school and even before that. It helps me. I have also told those friends nearby that if they do not see me post online or send them texts, they need to come over and check on me! I live partially in the middle of nowhere, and even though I have a neighbor pretty close, it’s not like I see him often.

Lastly, I post a lot about my daughters Psoriasis. She has severe Psoriasis, covering about 90% of her body surface area during flare-ups. I am always looking to educate anyone who is unaware of they disease, so that I can do my share of trying to make sure that more people are aware before she gets into grade school. Kids can be mean, adults are not aware of what it is and what it entails, so its hard for them to explain it to their kids. I want to spread the word and hope that my friends and family on social media will do the same and share my information with their friends and so on. I want more people to understand before it gets to the point that I have to intervene in school. I am prepared with all the tools and materials necessary, but I am hoping that it won’t be a complete surprise to everyone when that time comes.

I think everyone has his or her own idea of how much social media sharing is appropriate. Just like every aspect of parenting and basically living we are all different. I have friends who post almost nothing, and some who post a LOT. Some may hide my account or delete me from the crazy amount of posts I put up, and that’s fine with me. I have my reasons and that is all I need to know.

What do you think? How much is too much when it comes to sharing on social media? Do you block friends who over share or just ignore it?

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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  • Whitney

    I think you made some great reasons of why you love to share. I don’t share too often, but that’s because I do have family close by. I also restrict my pictures to friends only. Nothing disturbs me more than seeing a total stranger’s child on my newsfeed. IDK why but it bothers me that just anybody can see my child… it’s just my own issue I guess. You keep doing what you enjoy, it obviously brings you happiness and that’s all that matters!
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    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      I too have my privacy settings set pretty high. I did figure out that anyone can see your profile pictures though, even old ones. Just wanted you to know! And thank you for reading and understanding my craziness 😉

  • Christine

    i think you make valid points of why you would share so much on social media and if that is OK with you, your husband and eventually your child then keep on using it as your diary.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Thank you, Christine! My husband is the opposite, so I tag him in important posts 😉 He is ok with that, otherwise I wouldn’t.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Yes! I have my privacy settings set pretty high, and I am careful who I accept as a friend. There are a few I may regret accepting, but are harmless and basically are family. I have also rejected or ignored a few that I know are bad, or I have no idea who they are! Thanks for stopping by!

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Absolutely. We only see the bad things about SM in the news. They do not share about the people it helps stay connected with family, friends and life in general. Thats just not news worthy….LOL. Thanks for stopping by and chatting!

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Absolutely. And thank you! I even hide a few people from my own feed for my own sake, and I totally understand when people do the same to me 😉

  • Alex

    Funny, I just posted about this too! I think that people definitely overshare on the internet, but I think that there is always a time and a place. If you are using your facebook to connect with your family, it sounds like a good thing.

    I think that those people who are oversharing are usually the ones who are looking for drama, not looking to connect with loved ones 🙂
    Alex recently posted…Between the Lines: The Rosie ProjectMy Profile

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Yes, I agree Alex. I try to avoid drama, but it somehow lurks in the darkness and shows its head every so often. It gets resolved and we move on. I share about my life and my family with my family and friends. No drama wanted over here!

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