Kiss and Tell: Valentines Day

After what I am hoping was a spicy, sweet, saucy Valentines Day, kiss and tell ladies…how do you keep the romance alive? Does it stay alive or is it harder to come by sometimes? Kiss and Tell Valentine's Day

The Hot Mess Mom – Our schedules are very opposite so it’s difficult for us to actually have a Valentines day/date, especially with the kids and no babysitter. Hubby and I grew up together and were childhood sweethearts. Now that we are adults with kids and grown up problems, the spice and romance is definitely not always in plain sight. Sometimes it feels like the romance is literally a fly on the wall just laughing it’s head off at us.  However, the one trick that we have is a simple as a date night. As soon as we are out of the house by ourselves, it doesn’t take long to feel like kids again driving around town with butterflies in our tummies. Whether it’s a few hours alone at dinner and a movie or a weekend away just the two of us, as soon as we are by ourselves we instantly transform and our hands are glued together, we’re kissing in public, my head is on his shoulder, and we love every minute of each other’s company. It’s as if we are teenagers again that can’t see past the moment that we are in. Unfortunately we don’t get the opportunity for this very often but when it comes it’s always amazing and we always have those times to look forward to.

The Not-So-Single Mom – While sometimes it feels like romantic isn’t up our ally, we make it work. Let’s see, favorite dates…. candle light pizza dinner at home, fancy dinner and a movie, or just staying home with my family and celebrating the unconditional love we share. My husband isn’t the romantic type, and I am not usually, but the occasional flower delivery or better yet, Edible Arrangements delivery is always a plus! Add in some chocolates, a sweet card and a teddy bear and I’m set. IF he chooses, I am a typical woman and would never turn down anything shiny!

The Perfectionist Mom – We are the king and queen of after baby goes to bed love. We are all about going out and having a wonderful and fun family day for Valentine’s Day. We want to be with our daughter, part of the reason we had her. We like spending time with her and watching her explore and have fun, that is the fun for us. Please do not get me wrong, we need our alone time too! It is a must for all couples, after all they are the person you are choosing to be with. So we have a fun family day and then once her head hits the pillow ours hits the romance button. Even if it is as simple as watching a movie together that is not fit for little eyes (meaning its not animated) or having a late dinner alone with candles and music. Whatever we are feeling that evening. I am a firm believer in the fact that couples need to find new ways to keep things spicy because one phrase which always stuck with me is that the opposite of love is not hate, the opposite is indifference. When a relationship hits that indifferent point where you just don’t care to try anymore, its over, that is not somewhere I ever want to be. So I am always willing and open to trying stuff to spice up the romance.

How about you? Did you have a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day?? We would love to hear how you keep things fun and alive in your relationships! 

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms

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