Listen Up…Butter is GOOD for you!

Listen Up...Butter is good for you!Recently on Facebook the new “trend” is butter.

Butter in your coffee to be exact.

I will start off with introducing it this way: farmers generations ago harvested out of necessity. They fed their families from what they harvested or could trade/barter with neighbors or at market. Everything was cultivated, foraged and provided by the land and the animals that harvested on the land. Eggs from chickens, the chicken itself, milk from cows and goats, etc. From that, dairy became a staple: milk, eggs, cheese, bread are typical items you will find on grocery lists across the nation. As the depression came, much of those staples were scarce and became hot items that were extremely hard to come by. So recipes for products such as dairy items were created and sold at less expensive costs. These items were developed in labs and required less work and effort than those reaped in the fields. Backed by “health initiatives” people did what was needed to provide the same comforts of what they have always known with what was currently available. Fast forward, these items (such as margarine, egg substitute and skim milks) were advertised as heart healthy having lower cholesterols and fats that were “detrimental to your health”

FACT: Margarine is NOT a real food


FACT: The chemicals in the above noted are FAR WORSE than the actual “cholesterol and fat” you are trying to save yourself from.

FACT: When eating products such as butter, milk and cheese- REAL is better. WHOLE is better. FAT is better.

Yes, FAT is better. You cannot thrive without it and studies PROVE that fat burns fat. You need fat to burn fat. Yes. I said it. It is true. NOW- this is the catch. You can’t waltz over to your local grocer and pick up a stick of processed butter or a glass of pasteurized skim milk and expect to be healthy. You are cheating yourself of nutrients needed for brain development, energy and CHOLESTEROL. You may be stick thin but that does NOT make you healthy in the least. Instead of cutting it out the trick is everything in moderation.

You need it. There is no way about it. I don’t care what the Biggest Loser told you. They lied.

NOW, I preface this with- I AM NOT A DOCTOR, NUTRITIONIST OR DIETICIAN. I AM A RESEARCHER THAT HAS DONE HOURS, IF NOT DAYS, OF READING AND FACT CHECKING THE INFORMATION I AM SHARING WITH YOU. I am, however, a student of life with the intentions of one day being 100% GMO and processed food free, eating as nutritionally sound as I am humanly capable of providing for myself, my husband and my children while hoping to pass that information down for generations while restoring farming in America.

I have said it before, but knowing where your food comes from is CRUCIAL to knowing how and what it does to your body. Grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic FREE butter is ridiculously good for you. And here is why:

  • Over half of your brain is fat. Most commonly, myelin. This myelin sheath contains oleic acid. Butter is an amazing source of oleic acid.
  • Butter protects your GI tract from infection. Whole, grass fed, free range butter.
  • Butter is high in vitamins. A,D and K to be exact. These are essential to the thyroid and adrenal glands, which control the cardiovascular system.
  • Butter contains anti-oxidants. Cholesterol is an anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants remove free radicals from the body. #boom #mindblown
  • Margarine is linked to cancer. It’s not real, full of chemicals so why not?
  • Butter has “short and medium chain fatty acids”. Translation: anti-tumor effects.
  • Butter impersonators breakdown your immune system. What does battery acid do to anything it touches?
  • Pasteurization kills off the unique substances that keep joints, arteries, pineal glands and the eyes healthy and free from, you guessed it…. FREE RADICALS.
  • Butter is great for your bones and joints.
  • Butter is NOT stored in adipose tissue. It is used by the body as a quick energy source.
  • Margarine is a hydrogenated fat. Write that down. Google it.
  • Basic end point…Butter is good for you!

Butter is good for you! - My FavoriteIf there is doubt in your mind or if you are still on the fence about the benefits of butter or whole foods, please do some research. I am not advocating for high quantities of crap food that is stacked full of ingredients you cannot pronounce. I am advocating for ingredients FREE from crap ingredients you cannot pronounce. I am advocating for whole foods that are farm to table. I am advocating for you to educate yourself on the real issues that are in our homes, introducing WHOLE FATS to your families and incorporating them into your pantries until you understand. Quality of life is quality of food.

I firmly believe the eradication of chemicals in our food system, our food sources and making “home grown” easier than “fast” anything will eradicate the need for big pharma and the propaganda of “healthy” in mainstream living. Fight disease, eat fat.

Now, go grab a stick of butter!

The Naturalist Mama


Kerrygold Irish Butter. Go find it. Try it. Add it to EVERYTHING. As Cameron says, “it’s dewishious!”

Fact check: (I may not agree with all that they have to educate, but equally you have the right to gather from credible sources! GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, READ!!!!!!)

Weston A. Price

Naturo Doc

Mayo Clinic

Wellness Mama

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