Type-A Personalities…How I handle Myself

Type-A's - How I handle MyselfIn any one given day I know that the majority of us have a thousand things either to do, plan, achieve or simply ignore. We live in a world full of constant distraction. I have been reading a lot of posts, tons in fact, of how to relax and unwind. I have come to one conclusion…I am not a relax kind of girl. I don’t do slowing down and trying to unwind. I save that for vacations, who am I kidding even on vacations I am a goer and a doer, rarely do we ever take a day and do nothing. I can probably count the number of times that has happened on one hand. You know what…that is okay. Not everyone can lie on a beach and relax. Not everyone can hand a project off to someone else and let it go. Those people do exist and god love them, I wish it was me, but it’s not. No, I belong with the Type-A Personalities.

In the spirit of that thought and because I am one of the A-type personalities that must have 10 things going all at once I have come up with ways to make it work for my life. People get a list of things I am doing or thinking about and they think I am crazy! I say, “Hey, it’s just me.” Here is how I deal with owning my own crazy.

I make lists. That is right as I mentioned earlier, I make lists and refer to them OFTEN! I am not a write it down and leave it kind of girl. I have also noticed that it helps me to actually write them down and look at multiple lists at once. I cannot do that on my phone so technology is not a help in this case. I need the pen and paper. Writing will never be a skill I lose. Categorizing my lists helps as well. Different lists for different tasks and “hats” as I call them. Personal, work, family, house, health and even goals – broken down to current and future, of course. I also constantly carry around my notebook which all the above lists are in at all times. This way if something strikes me I don’t lose it, I write it down.

I talk myself through it. I am one of those crazy people who talks to themselves all the time. Well, not all the time but a lot of the time. I find that getting the words out of my head helps the process. If I find it is getting tough to handle all of the to do’s I can talk myself down and calm down.

I keep looking forward. One thing I always remind myself when things pile up is how bored I get when they slow down and there is nothing to do. I like having goals and constantly working toward them. Being content with life is not a head space I am comfortable with. There is always something to work for. Some people might find that exhausting but I find it normal.

I limit distractions. This is a very tough thing to do. Especially when there is SOOO much that can distract a person. I try really hard to not read that one extra email or watch that one video. I try to keep a very tight schedule when my daughter is sleeping because when she is awake NO online work gets done. She wants to be with me and want to interact with her. That is my main job. When I am not with her I need to focus on my task and make the most of whatever time I have.

I don’t forget to breathe. This is one that you find on the relaxing lists too. That is because it is so important. When you are going a thousand miles an hour it is so easy to get swept up and away with your tasks that you forget to eat or drink or breathe in general. That is how you become overwhelmed and sick. I have found small ways to give myself some quiet or rather relaxing moments, I listen to my music while I drive, I try very hard not to be one the phone if I don’t have to be. I take a lunch, when you work at home it is so easy to miss eating or eat one the run. I have found that if I sit for even 5 minutes it helps me re-energize.

So for all of you who are like me and cannot sit and relax or hand off things to another here are some tips to help when life can get a little overwhelming. Good luck, embrace who you are and know that you will get everything done!

If you are an Type-A personality how do you keep yourself organized and get everything done?


The Perfectionist Mom


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