Work from Home: Younique and Ebay!

Work from Home Younique Makeup and EbayThere are countless jobs that a mom has, including the typical: doctor, chauffeur, friend, cook, maid, etc. There is no “vacation” time or breaks. Working mom or SAHM mom, we all have our jobs at home and/or at work. For me, I do both. I am a SAHM and I work…but I work from home. It’s not always easy, but I am trying to make some extra cash to make up for a terrible foreign exchange rate we are currently experiencing with my husbands job, as well as wanting extra cash to spend on things like my daughters upcoming birthday extravaganza.

My daughter is at daycare 2 days a week for about 6 hours each of those days. I head to the gym after dropping her off, head home for lunch or eat out, run the errands that are just easier to accomplish without her in tow, then head home to get to work. It seems like the time absolutely flies by when she is at “school” and before I know it, it’s time to leave to pick her up.

My first job that I do from home is my eBay store. It sounds easy, but it’s very time consuming. I have to inspect and lie out my items and take pictures of them. I do about 10 items at a time. Once the pictures are done, I have to upload them to my computer so that I can use them on eBay. Once I begin to list an item, there are SO many specifics you have to choose, as well as writing a detailed description. I want my buyers to know exactly what they are getting, so I try to make sure I include measurements, sizes, color differences, patterns, etc. I’d say I spend an average of 2-5 minutes on each item, depending on the item and how well my Internet is working. Between taking the pictures, uploading, describing and storing the “done” items, it takes more than an hour on only 10 items. That is not a lot, even though it may sound like it. The more you have listed, the more your items rise on the list when buyers search…so I need to get more listed!

Working from Home EbayWhile I am desperate to list more, it’s extremely difficult when she is home. I tend to do quiet things when she is asleep, like the laundry, organizing, picking up toys, etc. When she is awake I will do things like the dishes, vacuum, etc. So, when I try and list my items when she is awake, I will MAYBE get about 10 items listed in 2-3 hours, because at 2.5, she is seriously in need of constant attention for one thing or another, or a potty break, or an accident, or a new booboo, or she’s leaving the house by herself because she wants to play outside!

The second job I do is something I just took on. I recently did a product review for Younique make up products. Between the review and finding out that a friend of mine is also an Independent Presenter; I decided to try it out myself. I purchased the Presenters Kit and decided to become an independent presenter myself! I am in love with their products, ESPECIALLY the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. They make my eyelashes POP like crazy! You HAVE to check it out!

Working From Home Younique MakeupI am considered an Independent Presenter. It is direct sales. It is all done online! I can do on-hand selling, but I am not there yet. Right now I am focusing on Online Virtual Parties that take place on Facebook. There is absolutely NO purchase obligation but of course, I want everyone to love the items as much as I do! If you or anyone you know is interested in makeup and want to learn more about Younique, please feel free to ask me! I am in LOVE with their products, and as I try each new product, I am yet to be disappointed! I cannot wait until I have every single product they make, but I am really looking forward to introducing other people to their products, because I love them so much. This is coming from someone who, until recently, had makeup older than her toddler…

Check this link, should take you to my eBay store

Should take you to my Younique page.

What is your work from home job OR what products do you sell from home? Leave your “store” links in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

The (Working Hard) Not-So-Single Mom

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  • Melanie

    This is awesome to hear how you are managing these two things. I want to be a stay at home mom in my future and love gaining tips and seeing how others do it now.

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      It is a lot of work trying to balance everything, but i am trying my best! Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to check out my website,

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      It definitely is a struggle to keep everything organized and together, but all we can do is try, and try again and keep searching for new ways to do things. Thanks for keeping up with me! Don’t forget to check out my website,

    • The Not-So-Single Mom

      Thank YOU for following! I love sharing my life with everyone and getting those great tips in return! Don’t forget to check out my new website,! 🙂

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