Country Critters: Water Snakes

Country Critters Part 2On a sunny Friday, I look out and see a snake in the pool. It looks bigger that my usual suspects, but only about 2 feet long. Pretty small to me, and I could easily scope it out with the pool net and shoo it out the back screen door right? Read about who I normal deal with in Part 1. It was a bit darker and a different pattern than the usual ones, so I wanted to get a picture of it and look it up online first, just to make sure. So, I walk out there to take a picture and to my surprise, it comes flying across the water, with ease, towards me, and he is MAD. I immediately run for the house. I let him go back to where he was sunning in the pool and was able to snap a picture of him there, before he came at me again. He finally went into the skimmer basket and I got a picture of his markings through the little tiny hole in the topper you pull off to take the basket out to clean it.

Armed with a picture now, I send it to my husband, my sister and posted it on Facebook for suggestions. My husband, as always, tells me to leave it alone or call the neighbor. I go upstairs to wake the baby, and when I come back the snake is GONE from the pool. I let it be for a while, then went out looking for a snake sunning in the planter boxes out there with no luck. I could not believe it just disappeared.

Saturday rolls around with no snake in the pool. I search the deck again; spray the plants and rocks with the hose in hopes if scaring it out of wherever it’s hiding with no luck. I checked all day and never saw the snake again.

Hello Sunday! I look out the window and see the snake! It’s in the pool swimming around with ease. By now, the comments from Facebook are POSITIVE it’s a young water moccasin, Cottonmouth. Whatever you want to call it, its VERY poisonous and very aggressive.

Country Critters Part 2 Bad snakeHere you have to call the non-emergency police line and asked to be connected to animal control. So, I did this and the operator said that Animal Control is closed because it’s Sunday. Really?!? On a Sunday when more people are home and outside?!? She asked what the issue was, what it looked like, where I live, etc. I thought it was just procedure…then she said, “Ok, a deputy will be on his way shortly”. UM WHAT?!? What is a deputy going to do? I was a little shocked, so I just said ok and hung up the phone.

15 minutes later, a deputy shows up. I apologize, tell him I had no idea she was going to send him out and that I know this isn’t his job. He was happy and said not to worry…he wasn’t the one called but was close by so he stopped to see what was going on. Really? Must be a slow day…

We head out to the pool and he tells me the other guy is almost to the house. Within a few minutes, I have 2 deputies at my house…for a snake call. I am mortified. Luckily they were young, nice guys who seemed to get a kick out of the situation. Next, one is on the phone with his boss, who says to send a picture to the serpentaruim down the road. If it’s poisonous, they will come get it. Animal control is “on call” but are very behind. They have also called out their “country boy” deputy, who said he can take care of it.

My neighbor has lived out here since the 1980’s, a retired deputy himself and not afraid of ANYTHING. I fear he is going to walk outside, see deputies parked all staggered in my front lawn and panic. He knows I am home alone until my husband returns. I knock on his door, at 1:30 in the afternoon, and he opens it up in his pajamas. I felt bad. I told him I didn’t want him to worry, but there were cops at my house because I tried to call animal control out and they sent cops. He asked if it was being taken care of and I said, “I think so”.

Now, 2 cops are there…one more on the way. Boss was on the phone, Serpentarium was on the phone and I have notified my neighbor. The Serpentarium said it was a harmless hognose, to which I told the cops they were WRONG, and showed them a picture of the hognose. They agreed. The next thing I know, my neighbor is dressed and on my patio. Walks past all of us and right up to that snake, confirms it IS a moccasin. Scoops it out with the pool net, uses the garden rake to end it’s rein of terror and gets rid of it into the wooded area for me. Literally, he wasn’t at my house 5 minutes.

It was like superman walked over, got rid of the bad guy and left. Didn’t stay to chat, just left. I should have just gone to him to begin with! How I love living out in the country.

The Not-So-Single Mom

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