Breastfeeding: My Plan vs. My Reality (Part 2)

Breastfeeding My Plan vs My Reality (part 2)This is part 2 so please check out Part 1 to see how this all started.

So, now that we are home from the hospital, we are having a hard time breastfeeding. Not only am I recovering from a C-section with a large incision big enough to pull out a 10-pound baby, but I am also not producing anything yet and she is hungry. It was amazing just how fast she realized that the bottle had food and mommy didn’t. I continued to try, and kept up with trying to pump.

By day 5 I FINALLY woke up with engorged breasts that hurt so badly and felt like they were so big they were hitting my chin. It also happened to be the day of her first doctors appointment. I pumped, and FINALLY got enough to make TWO 3 ounce bottles to take with us! The fight to latch, and pumping every 3-4 hours continued for 2 weeks. That’s when I switched to 100% pumping with some mixing with formula to supplement. I could not stand to fight her anymore.

This went on for some time. Around week 6, I thought I noticed some blood in the poo diapers. Not a lot, so I figured it was just from straining to go. I was not one of those, first time mom’s who worries about everything possible. This happened on and off for a week. She was also doing this “scream-eat-scream-eat” kind of thing when taking her bottle. By the end of the week, I knew I needed to call the doctor. I called, got an appointment and took a poo diaper with me so they could test to make sure it was in fact blood. Positive. Doctor said that it was the formula, so we switched to soy formula. I thought that did the trick for a few days, then she got super constipated, then regular again with more blood.

So, we are approaching somewhere near week 8-9. The soy didn’t do the trick, so I called and they had me come pick up samples of hypoallergenic formula. It is very expensive and they had a bunch of sample cans set aside for me. The doctor said she had a milk-protein allergy. Meanwhile, I am still pumping like crazy and only mixing half breast milk and half formula. I tried the new formula, but the poo still had a tiny bit of blood. I tried really hard, reading the ingredients of everything I ate to try and eat as little dairy as possible, because I was still pumping and in turn, what I ate mattered too.

I cut back a lot. I tried giving her a bottle of plain mommy milk. When she threw up nearly 6 ounces all over me, I knew it was time. I weaned off pumping over a few days time and went to all hypoallergenic formula and her issues stopped. I was a bit sad but also very relieved to not have to keep getting up at night to pump and spending all my time hooked to a machine. It took me 45 minutes to make about 4-6 ounces TOTAL between both breasts, so I was on that machine like crazy trying to make enough.

If I get the opportunity to have another child, I will try again. Like I said, once I saw my baby…my mind was instantly changed and I wanted to breastfeed. Now, I see things differently and would, despite my issues, try again…and harder this time. I know what to expect, I know what needs to be done and I am not afraid to try. It is one of the things I get to do, just my baby and me; no one else can do it for me and that makes it worth it.

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