Scariest Week of My Pregnancy

Scariest Week of my PregnancyWeek 35 of my pregnancy has been the scariest, thus far. As in my previous post, it was my baby shower, in addition to having my uncle and cousin in town from Texas and running last minute errands to prep for the arrival of Baby M. Unfortunately, due to such a busy weekend, I was unable to get in my daily naps, which probably contributed to the scary week.

The week started off at my OB with my weekly non-stress test. I first had an ultrasound, where we got to see Baby M again, who now weighs 6 pounds, 2 ounces. Then it was time for the non stress test. With every appointment, I leave a urine sample, get weighed and have my blood pressure taken. This appointment my blood pressure was high, which was unusual for me. It was now time to get hooked up to listen to Baby M’s heart rate. I always love listening to his heartbeat, because it is added reassurance that he is healthy, however this day left me with different feelings.

Half way into the testing, I started feeling extremely lightheaded, dizzy and very hot. Thankfully, John was with me and was able to get a nurse, who provided me with some juice and a fan, which seemed to help, however Baby M’s heart rate was still very high. My doctor was concerned because of the heart rate and my blood pressure and suggested we go to the hospital for more monitoring. Hearing the word “hospital” scared me to death, because at this stage I was not ready for Baby M’s arrival.

In the hospital, I was hooked up to a machine, which monitored Baby M’s heart rate, in addition to my blood pressure. Unfortunately, I had another lightheaded/dizzy/hot spell. The nurse in labor in delivery hooked me up with a bag of IV fluids and had me laid on my side. After a few minutes, my blood pressure returned to normal, as did Baby M’s heart rate. What a relief! The OB on call came to check on me and was very pleased with the readings and after 3 hours, she decided to send me home. After blood work and further evaluation, it appears that I was simply dehydrated.

The day after being released from the hospital, I received a phone call from my OB that during the sonogram they noticed one of Baby M’s ventricles in his brain were enlarged and he was sending me to a specialist. On Thursday, I met with a specialist, who did another sonogram to look at the ventricles. One of them is enlarged, but unfortunately, since I am so far into my pregnancy, there is no definite answer he can provide. Baby M simply could have a large head, infection or possibly Down’s syndrome. Since I did not find out I was pregnant until 18 weeks, it was too late to have the genetic testing done. So this is just one more thing to worry about. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned, because if he did, he would have sent us to a genetic counselor.

Scariest week - Week 35From here on out, I will limit myself to one task a day, whether it be laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Also, I need to continue to keep myself hydrated, especially with the temperatures rising as well. The nursery is complete, car seat installed, hospital bags are packed, so I am ready for whenever Baby M decides to make his appearance into this wonderful world. Being 35 weeks pregnant has not been fun and it is very scary knowing all of the possibilities, but all I can do is pray is that Baby M and I are healthy. At this point, it is all in God’s hands.

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  • lauren u.

    Hang in there Kay. You are doing great, and whatever the outcome, you will have a beautiful baby boy in your arms in the next couple of weeks! Your going to be wonderful parents.

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