Disney World withOUT our Daughter

Disney withOUT our DaughterI have a confession to make…my husband and I went to Disney World without our daughter (GASP!!!)! That’s right people WITHOUT our 2 year old and you know what…I would do it again in a heartbeat! It was the BEST day! We had so much fun it felt like we were teenagers again.

We were sitting around on a Saturday, bored out of our minds! We live in South Florida where it is already like 100 degrees at 6am and had already hit up the local park, where we can only be for like one hour before you literally feel like you are cooking, our poor girl burned the back of her legs on the swings. We hit up the pool, you can only do that so long before you are just done with the water. We ran our errands, boooorrrring! We were looking at another weekend of blah. Then I had an idea.

“Why don’t we call my folks and see if they would watch Buggy tomorrow?” I say to my horribly bored husband. “Oh yea, we could go see a movie or something I guess.” He replies in a very ugh tone. “Okay sure but I have something a little bit bigger in mind, just let me handle it.” I say. “Whatever you want babe.” is his blasé response.

Now let me give you a heads up so I don’t misrepresent, we live only approximately 3 hours from Disney and we have seasonal passes so it did not cost us anything per se to get into the park. We use to live in Orlando, it was were we met in college and Disney was our special date spot. We would hang out and see a movie at Downtown Disney or splurge and hit a park on occasion. Once we were married and moved we didn’t go for like 5 years and then we had our daughter. I could not wait to take her! I was so excited and when we finally did go it was awesome but not quite the same; a bit more stressful and worrisome.

We took our daughter to Nana and Papa’s for a sleep over and the next morning headed out for hubbies surprise. He was shocked when I told him where we were heading. I know it is a long drive but the drive was actually one of my favorite parts! We got to sit alone in a car and talk for 2 1/2 hours! Thats it! We listened to music we love and sang along, we joked and discussed work and family and us. It was honestly great.

We got to the park and had fun riding the rides you cannot do together with a little one in tow. We ran through the strollers and people walking slowly because it was just us. It was hot but we didn’t mind because we did not have to worry about our little one passing out, just us. We were able to actually walk in the stores and browse; not have to put everything back up on the shelves every 5 minutes. We waited in lines for food, together! We talked in ride lines and played games together. I’m going to be painfully honest here, at first it was actually a bit awkward. Almost like we had forgotten how to just be us, but by the end of the day it was amazing and it lasted well beyond the park. It was the best marriage check in we have had in a long time.

Disney WithOUT our Daughter - the EndAfter the stress of work and family, of trying to start a new business, house stuff breaking, my surgery and recovery (another post for another time) we desperately needed it. We had to make the time and if my folks were not around we could not have done it so last minute, but I HIGHLY recommend a marriage check in for everyone. It doesn’t have to be Disney-esq, any place will do, but it has to be fun or it has to be relaxing, and for more than 4 hours. Oh and while you are there you have to actually check in with each other. That part is not always fun but it is non-negotiable.

That is what Dr. Perfectionist Mom is prescribing you all today. Please find the time, put it in your calendar. If you need I will watch your kids, that is how much I believe we all need this. I finally remembered my husband and the person I chose to run the gauntlet of life with. There was a reason I chose him and he chose me. Once in a while you just need some help remembering.


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