Happy 1st Blogiversary MOMentous Moms!!!

Today is a very special day for the MOMentous Moms family, it is our 1 year blogiversary! One year since we opened up our worlds to you and our very first posts of I learned, Feeling Conflicted, The truth in my Name and Oh No, The Terrible Twos! went out into the world.

Today I wanted to do something a little bit different, pull back the veil a slight bit and thank the people who made this journey possible. The one draw back, which I hope to remedy, with this blog is that you do not get to know us all that well. You hear our stories and read our thoughts, but we have a façade, which can be tough to get through. NOT TODAY!!!

Happy Blogiversary!!My name is Kristin, I am The Perfectionist Mom, I am also the creator and main visionary behind MOMentous Moms.

Its funny there is this oddly sad feeling for me today. I remember feeling this way on my daughters first birthday too. You are thrilled and happy. Amazed that an entire year has gone by. Flabbergasted that you actually survived with all of your sanity in tacked. With that also comes the small twinge of “my baby isn’t a baby anymore”. I can see the things that I did not accomplish…yet. I can see the post that never got out, the opportunities I have missed but more importantly the learning process I have gone through. Now I can also see the future and all of the exciting things it can bring, It has been a crazy, fun, sometimes stressful ride and I thank god for it everyday.

Before I go any further there are just a couple people I have to acknowledge, women who have been in this journey with me from the very beginning. They have been amazing sources of inspiration and have taught me a TON about motherhood, friendship and patience.

Brandy, The Not-So-Single Mom, you have been my closest confidant and sounding board during this year. I cannot thank you enough. Your stories of strength and courage are amazing. You do it simple in the most beautiful way and are slightly obsessed with chickens, which is kind of scary awesome. You need to know what an amazing friend and mother you are. You never give yourself enough credit.

Jackie, The Hot Mess Mom, my best friend in the entire world and co visionary if they’re ever was one. You have kept me on track, helped me refocus when I lost it and know how to get a vision out of my brain when no one else can. You are strong, compassionate and caring. You need to know how smart and capable you are, when you don’t see it, know that others do. That is when you shine the brightest.

Jenn, The Naturalist Mom, a huge inspiration and one of the most loving and hardworking people I have ever met in my life. You are seriously who I want to be when I grow up, even if you are a year younger. I have never met someone who has it all together like you do. Your words inspire people to not only live better but to live smarter for both their families and the world in general. I have learned more from you than anyone. You need to know that your inner light shines through each and ever post, even the ones about cleaning. You tackle life with tenacity that I envy each and every day you are simply amazing.

There are others, The Rookie Mom, The Scrambling Step Mom and other amazing guest moms that we could not have done without. Thank you to each and every one of you for stepping out and putting your story out there.

In the beginning my husband was my biggest cheerleader. He totally saw my vision and why I thought this would be such an important thing to create and foster. He understood why I not only wanted to do it for myself but also for others. Then slowly around the 6-7 month mark it became, you are doing a lot of work on this with not a ton of payback.

What he doesn’t see is YOU the amazing readers we touch. We thrive on your comments and there is nothing better than when people contact you and tell you how your small story helped them so much. That is why MOMentous Moms was created, to help, to inspire, to encourage, hopefully making you laugh and making you think.

I am a huge quotes person so I will end this with one of my favorites, said by Eleanor Roosevelt very prophetic of motherhood AND one of the quotes which made me want to start the blog…

Happy Blogiversary - Best Quote EverIn this next year I hope to grow and change with even more gusto and passion. If all goes well it should be an exciting year! We hope you stick around for the ride.

Thank you, all of you.



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Welcome to MOMentous Motherhood. My name is Kristin and we are a mommy blog like no other. We love to share our crazy stories about becoming moms and building a home and family. From the moment you find out you are pregnant to the time they head off on their own parenting is a group sport. It takes a village and we are here for you!

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