Moving Tips and Tales from a Family of 5

Moving Tips and Tales from a Family of 5So being MIA has been justified. Our family of five has been in the process of moving. Truth be told, the whole family hasn’t…. this Mama has. I like things organized in my way. I like to have the control. And with that comes the anxiety, grief and tiredness that all the stresses of moving 2 adults, 3 children and 3 animals has to offer. I am also currently working for two hospitals, per diem, to keep my nursing skills in check through our summer break and make a little extra cash.

Moving for us comes in phases. In my past life I have moved across country twice as a single person, moved twice as a couple and twice as a family of three. In all honestly it’s exhausting. With 4 extra people the amount that is accumulated is immeasurable and I feel as though I clean up, turn around and clean up that same mess again. Fortunately, my three Littles are all at appropriate ages to partake in cleaning up (can I get an amen?), regardless of how big or small those efforts might be.

I have been packing for a while now. To keep my sanity in decided that packing an entire house, three years of memories, and all the crap we just can’t seem to shake needed more than a weekend. And let’s face it, I needed the space to part with baby things my not so babies might not need any longer.

So… in true fashion here are some ideas and tips I have found that have helped me get through the process of moving my semi large family:

1-Start with the least necessary areas/rooms/spaces- for me this was my linen closet. I have enough linens to wash an army so I decided to minimize what was available for the sake of space. It felt amazing.

2- Keep clutter to a minimum. This means going through things and throwing our what you haven’t touched, forgot you had and just don’t need. For me, I rid my closet of clothes that don’t fit and aren’t needed. It also included the children’s closet and my husband’s as well.

3- Reducing the number of products we use. So I tallied it up… the number of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, hair products and skin lotions was all too rediculous to admit. It was a sad sight and its been donated or used before any other product is allowed in our house. Seriously… go through your cabinets  (even for fun) and take a peek at what you have.

4- Quality over quantity. Quantity of toys, quality of product or furniture- what ever it is,  simplifying life makes the well oiled machine  (aka our household) rum smoothly and causes this mama to have little to no freak outs. That equals success. Everyone loves a happy mama.

5- PLAN! PLAN! PLAN!. Planning is key. Have an organized way of knowing how you’d like to manage your move. Execute it to your best ability and given yourself room for error. Murphys law will happen at some point so better plan for your course to have a few bumps and misgivings in the journey.

Overall when it’s said and done it will be a blessing to have this experience behind me. It’s alot of work moving a household this size but I know what it means form our future and how good it will feel with a “lighter” household.

How do you move?

The Naturalist Mama

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  • Teryn

    Great tips! We made an out of state move back in January with only 1 child and it was still so stressful! I agree with decluttering. It’s so important that you aren’t bringing along stuff from one house to the next that you don’t really need.
    Teryn recently posted…SAND BETWEEN OUR TOESMy Profile

  • sarah

    Family of five and moving sounds stressful, but with your helpful planning tips sounds like it was a smooth transition! I hate moving but agree if you take the time to go through your closet, kids toys, etc. on a regular basis and donate things you don’t use/need, it makes the processes easier when it comes times to move.
    sarah recently posted…Let’s Celebrate Red White and Blue!My Profile

  • Tiffany

    As a military family we have moved way too many times for me to admit. I hated each of them! It seems like with each move I added an extra baby…LOL I agree with all of your tips and have seen them all help make the process a bit less stressful…I told my Hubby I only want to make 1 more move and that will be to our Forever Home…wish me luck!

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