New Breastfeeding Mama’s Survival – Favorite Breastfeeding Gear

When I was pregnant with my son, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed, as it is not only healthier for the baby, but also economical for mommy and daddy…have you seen the price of formula…EXPENSIVE!! My thoughts on breastfeeding that if it wasn’t working for me or Monkey, that I was not going to stress over it. Any amount of breast milk I can give my baby, whether it be pumped or from the breast, is better than formula.

Immediately when Monkey was born, the doctor put him on my chest for skin to skin contact, as this helps with breastfeeding, in addition to feeding him approximately one hour after birth. At first I was nervous, as I had no idea what I was doing, but thankfully my nurse was there to help me with the proper latch. I have to say, it was an odd feeling at first, but once he started eating, the experience I was sharing, was simply amazing.

Day two of life, Monkey had a hard time latching on. I even had a lactation consultant from the hospital come in to help me. However, after 20 minutes of help, things just weren’t working out. I thought to myself “what am I doing wrong?” Little did I know, it wasn’t anything that I was doing, it was the jaundice, which was causing him not to latch. While in the hospital, I had to pump and supplement with formula, until the jaundice subsided.

Once at home, breastfeeding became a lot easier and supplementing was no longer needed, as the jaundice went away and he was eating every 90 minutes during the day. I am lucky that at 3 weeks old he only gets up twice during the night; however the days are rough with him wanting to eat every 90 minutes, but it worth it knowing that Monkey is getting plenty to eat, as he is successfully gaining weight.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, throughout the day. I have several glasses of water throughout the house, so no matter where I end up nursing, there is always water available. Also, make sure you take time to eat healthy meals and snacks, as you need the energy to provide the best nutrition to your little one.

If you are struggling at first with keeping up your calories or had a tough birth make sure to include iron rich sources into your diet. Things like

  • Red Meats
  • Spinach
  • Soybeans
  • White Beans
  • Any beans really
  • Fortified Breakfast cereals – they state it on the box (Awesome for snacking!)
  • Dark Chocolate (my favorite)

Here are my favorite products for breastfeeding:

  • Pump In Style Advanced – The Metro Bag – Check with your health insurance, as most companies now offer breast pumps for free. With my insurance, there were several different brands of pumps to choose from. I did research on all options and decided on the Medela, which I am very happy with. Unfortunately, it does not come with accessories, IE cooler, extra storage bottles, etc. but you can easily find those anywhere. (This takes you to a link VERY close to the exact one I use)
  • Boppy Nursing Pillow – I received one from my baby shower, which has been a life saver, while nursing. It helps with positioning and keeps both me and Monkey comfortable during feedings. I ended up purchasing an additional cover, because let’s be honest it will be spit up and who wants to do laundry all of the time?!
  • Bravado Designs Bliss Nursing Bra – I had originally purchased nursing bras from Target, but they were uncomfortable, so I decided to shop at a lingerie store and tried on the Bravado, which I immediately fell in love with. They are very comfortable and feel like a sports bra. I love the fact that I can sleep in them. I currently have three bras, which never seems to be enough, with the never ending leaking, even with nursing pads.
  • Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads – Ladies, once your milk comes in, your breasts will leak. There is no way to prevent leaking, but you can save your clothes by wearing nursing pads.
  • Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags – If you open up my freezer, you will see a large stash of breast milk. These storage bags have an area to write the date, time, and volume. The bags lay flat, which helps storing, once they are frozen.
  • Lansinoh HPA Lanolin – Monkey eats approximately 12 times a day and your nipples will be raw, sore, and cracked. After each feeding, I apply a little lanolin cream to help ease the pain from the constant nursing. This has been a sanity saver and is completely safe for the baby.
  • Medela Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottles – Extra storage bottles are a must.  This way you simply have one less thing to wash, in the middle of the night. These storage bottles can be frozen, if you wish to do so, however I simply use them to store milk, which is pumped throughout the day.

Those are my top picks and products I would not be able to get through this journey of breastfeeding without. I hope that this helped you newly breastfeeding moms out there.

What were your favorite breastfeeding products??


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